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Annuity FYI’s Top Annuity Picks

Annuity FYI’s Top Picks represent what we feel are the best annuities among the thousands of products in the marketplace today.

  • The Fixed or Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity (MYGA) rate table is regularly updated with current top rates by contract period.
  • Top income annuities, both Fixed Index and Variable, include products currently offering the highest income* payouts.
  • Top growth products, both Fixed Index and Variable, are based on several factors, including company rating and benefits.

Rates can vary by state, age, spousal information, and other factors. Not all products may be available in all areas. For these reasons, we recommend requesting a custom quote or product information by clicking the button below each Top Picks table.

Annuity Types

Fixed Annuity (MYGA)
Guaranteed fixed rate of return for a specified period of time.

Fixed Index Growth Annuity
Principal protection with upside potential through index participation (such as S&P 500). Principal protection and growth.

Fixed Index Income Annuity
Principal protection with upside potential through index participation coupled with a Lifetime Income Benefit Rider.** Principal protection, growth and lifetime income.

Variable Income Annuity
Securities investments coupled with a guaranteed income benefit rider*** which provides income for life.

Variable Growth Annuity
Investments in securities can accumulate and grow tax-deferred. Can include additional rider benefits, such as a death benefit.

Top Fixed Annuity (MYGA) Rates

Top Rates as of 01/30/23

3 Year MYGA

Atlantic Coast Life

Safe Haven 3


5 Year MYGA

CL Life

CL Sundance 5


7 Year MYGA

Sentinel Security Life Insurance Company

Personal Choice Annuity 7


10 Year MYGA

Farmers Life Insurance Company

Farmers Safeguard Plus 10


Top Fixed Index Growth Annuities

Midland National

RetireVantage 10

American Equity

AssetShield 10 with Enhancements


Ascent Accumulator 5, 7 & 10

Midland National

Midland National Summit Edge 5 & 7

What’s an Illustration?

Top Variable Growth Annuities




Structured Capital Strategies


Elite Access


Monument Advisor

Top Fixed Index Income Annuities


Assured Edge Income Builder


New Heights 9 & 12

National Western

Income Outlook Plus


Guaranteed Income Index Annuity


Athene Ascent Pro 10


Symetra Income Edge

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Top Variable Income Annuities




Income Plus (Option 2)

Brighthouse Financial

FlexChoice Expedite


Lifeguard Freedom Flex

Pacific Life

Enhanced Income Select


Index Advantage

* Income calculations are based on a male, age 65, living in Florida with a $100,000 investment.
** Usually at an additional fee of .85% to 1.25% annually on average.
*** Usually at an additional fee of .90% to 1.50% annually on average.

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