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New Alliance Launches Education Campaign for Lifetime Income, Annuities

La t week, large tride were taken to addre the national retirement income cri i in America A coalition of 24 major in urer and a et management firm have joined force to launch a public information campaign in an effort to educate con umer and financial advi er about the role annuitie can play in a retirement income plan “The... Read More

Bonds vs. Annuities: New Research Seems to Settle the Debate

Mo t inve tor have three goal when it come to their money: they want growth, afety and liquidity Finding an inve tment that provide all three i near impo ible and therefore one of the bigge t challenge in financial planning For tho e nearing retirement, finding the right portfolio balance become even more important It require di cipline... Read More

Seek Reliable Information When Shopping for Annuities

If you a k anyone who i nearing retirement if they’d like a teady tream of guaranteed income during their Golden Year , mo t would an wer with an enthu ia tic “YES!” But a k tho e ame people if they’re intere ted in purcha ing a prime ource of uch income, fixed annuitie , and the re pon e change dra tically Why the di crepancy Many... Read More

Shorter Surrender Periods Improve Sales of Indexed Annuities

A the fir t-quarter number roll in, the data i howing that inve tor are e pecially attracted to indexed annuitie with horter urrender period Sale through bank and broker-dealer kyrocketed a the e di tributor prefer the horter urrender period due to the higher rate and cap that they can impo e in exchange for lower commi ion... Read More

Indexed Annuity Sales Soar in 2018

LIMRA ha reported near-record fixed indexed annuity ale number , marking the ector’ econd tronge t fir t-quarter howing in 10 year According to a recent In uranceNew Net article, FIA ale were up 11% to $145 billion, and many indu try expert are crediting the Department of Labor fiduciary rule for the revival Fir t-quarter ale... Read More

Lincoln Financial Announces New Variable Annuity

Lincoln Financial Group ha recently announced the launch of a new indexed variable annuity, offering retiree option for protection and growth opportunitie According to a Bu ine Wire pre relea e, Lincoln Level AdvantageSM will allow client to continue to build their aving while protecting a et from ome of the mo t challenging ri k in... Read More

Brighthouse Financial Releases First Quarter Annuity Sales Report

Brighthou e Financial recently relea ed their fir t quarter ale number , and the company’ index-linked annuitie howed ma ive improvement According to a recent In uranceNew Net article, ale of their Shield brand of product ro e nearly 60% from thi time la t year, reaching $729 million Brighthou e pre ident and CEO, Eric Steigerwalt,... Read More

Keep It Simple When Shopping Annuities

One of the mo t common phra e urrounding annuity product i that they aren’t bought; they are old The aying originate from the fact that annuitie are often very complicated and can ometime be very expen ive, often carrying heavy commi ion for advi or who ell them Unfortunately, the aying ha proven to be true in many circum tance... Read More

Survey Says: Workers Interested in Adding Annuities

According to a recent tudy, more and more worker are expre ing an intere t in adding annuitie to their defined contribution plan from work A whopping 80% of urvey participant aid that they would like to put ome, or even all, of their money into annuitie Currently, many companie do not offer annuity choice within their... Read More

Nationwide: Annuity Distribution Trendsetter?

Nationwide ha announced that they will let go 2,000 captive agent leading ome indu try expert to conclude that they could become the fir t mutual in urer to di tribute annuitie olely through independent agent “To the be t of my recollection, thi will be the fir t time a mutual in urance company i di tributing annuitie exclu ively... Read More

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