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Fixed Annuities Help Reduce Bull Market Risk

The current bull market ha the portfolio of many inve tor heavy on the tock ide, and all of thi talk about the inevitable move to a bear market ha ome getting nervou Financial expert agree that it’ important to rebalance every once and awhile, and in order to reduce bull market ri k, con ider moving ome of your money out of tock... Read More

New Immediate Annuity from Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Inve tment ha recently announced the launch of IncomeSource®, a Single Premium Immediate Annuity underwritten by two We tern & Southern Financial Group member companie The fir t of it’ kind for Fidelity, the immediate annuity allow individual to convert a lump um of money into guaranteed income for either a pecific period... Read More

Retirement Planning “Don’ts”

When you con ider factor like health care co t , taxe , inflation and market volatility, you realize ju t how challenging retirement planning really i And while many pend year learning what to do to ave for retirement, it can ometime be ju t a helpful to learn what to avoid, becau e there are plenty of opportunitie for mi tep along the... Read More

Annuity Laddering and Your Retirement Savings Strategy

Concern over outliving retirement aving i very legitimate a life expectancie continue to lengthen One method of providing peace of mind over thi worry i through annuity-laddering Annuity product can help provide a lifelong ca h flow, but becau e they often can be illiquid and relatively expen ive, they aren’t for everyone Here’ a more... Read More

Insurance Needs in Retirement

Once in retirement, obviou ly your financial need will change dra tically In tead of aving a portion of each paycheck, you’ll be trying to figure out how to portion out what aving you did accumulate And your in urance need will change too Here’ a look at four different type of in urance retiree need, along with one that they don’t,... Read More

A New Approach to Annuity Sales

Earlier thi week, the In ured Retirement In titute (IRI) held it’ annual conference, VISION, giving indu try member an opportunity to learn about emerging trend , network with peer , celebrate the organization’ 25th anniver ary and connect with expert on a variety of topic that encompa the retirement indu try According to a recent... Read More

Industry Experts Predict Retirement Benefit Changes

Did you realize that more than 9,000 American reach the “retirement age” of 65 every day And becau e people in general are living longer, healthier live , they will need more money to urvive A more and more people join thi demographic, the implication for federal funding program , like Social Security, grow too According to a recent... Read More

Standalone LTC Sales Drop, Hybrid Coverage on the Rise

According to a recent article from Financial Planning magazine, ale of traditional long-term care (LTC) in urance have ignificantly fallen in recent year , but it’ not becau e people don’t think they need it or don’t want it It’ ju t that the trategy for gaining long term coverage i changing “Many people don’t want to u e the... Read More

Legacy Announces New Deferred Indexed Annuity Line

In an effort to offer con umer more choice, control and flexibility, Legacy Marketing Group ha ju t announced the launch of FlexMark Select (SM) Serie ingle premium deferred indexed annuitie According to a recent article from Annuity Outlook Magazine, the product were developed with “A” rated Amerita Life In urance Corp, and offer... Read More

Symetra Jumps on the Fee-Based FIA Train

The fee-ba ed fixed indexed annuity trend roll on a Symetra Life In urance announce the launch of Symetra Advi ory Edge and Symetra Advi ory Income Edge  According to a recent new article, Advi or who ell Symetra annuitie now have both the traditional commi ion-ba ed Edge FIA product and the new fee-ba ed Advi ory Edge product available... Read More

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