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Stay on top of the latest news & trends affecting the annuity industry. Annuity FYI’s annuity blog is regularly updated with original articles covering products, insurance company news and financial expert’s commentary. Whether you are an annuity owner or financial professional, Annuity FYI’s blog will keep you informed.

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The Advantages of Waiting to Purchase Your Annuity

There are many advantage in including an annuity a part of your retirement portfolio, the mo t attractive being guaranteed income for life But given how inflexible annuitie notoriou ly are, it’ very important to not make a ha ty deci ion when igning a contract In fact, ome believe that deferring the deci ion to add an annuity can ometime... Read More

Experts Agree: Now is the Time to Assess Portfolio Allocations

The tock market i off to a trong tart in 2018, which i exactly why ome financial advi or are ugge ting that now i the perfect time to make ure your portfolio i ready for a downturn Earlier thi week, the Dow urpa ed 26,000 for the very fir t time, and the S&P 500 and Na daq hit record high too Of cour e thi wa before the tock... Read More

Annuity Vs. Drawdown: The Debate Continues

One of the mo t challenging que tion often a ked by people approaching retirement ha to do with the be t way to take an income from their pen ion/retirement aving There are a number of option available, and becau e everyone’ financial ituation i different, there’ no “one ize fit all” an wer Mo t trategie fit into two general... Read More

Is New York’s “Best Interest” Proposal Too Excessive?

Earlier thi month, the tate of New York propo ed a “be t intere t” tandard, expo ing in urance/annuity writer to more exce ive liability ri k than required by the Department of Labor rule, a prominent law firm ju t concluded According to a recent article from In uranceNew Net, the law firm Drinker Biddle & Reath aid the propo al... Read More

New House Bills Would Change Workplace Retirement Plans

There are currently two biparti an bill being con idered by the Hou e of Repre entative that could have a po itive impact on workplace retirement plan According to a recent article from Employee Benefit New , HR 4604 would modify the Employee Retirement Income Security Act to include a afe harbor provi ion to cover employer who choo e to add... Read More

Reduce Risk and Beat Inflation with this Retirement Savings Strategy

In an effort to beat inflation, financial planner and retiree agree that inve tment growth i a mu t But with the ri k of a plummeting tock market, there’ no guarantee that tho e who are heavily tied up in the market won’t outlive their aving On the flip ide of the coin, putting all your money in afe Trea urie and CD po e a... Read More

Life and Annuity Industry Forecast: 2018

A the new year kicked off, indu try analy t hared their expert opinion on what might be expected in the life and annuity ector , in term of product development, di tribution and in urance company performance According to a recent article from In uranceNew Net, con ulting firm Deloitte, McKin ey and Bo ton Con ulting Group (BCG) were focu ed... Read More

New Fixed Annuity Product for NY Investors

La t month, American International Group, Inc (NYSE:AIG) launched the fir t fixed annuity with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit in New York, A ured Edge Income Builder-NY The new product i i ued by The United State Life In urance Company in the City of New York A ured Edge Income offer a low ri k, long-term retirement income olution... Read More

Annuity Analysts Predict Improved VA, FIA Sales

It came a no urpri e when the ale of variable annuitie lowed down in 2016 After the Department of Labor’ fiduciary rule came onto the cene, new product were developed to meet the new requirement But according to a recent article from Benefit PRO, while VA ale lowed, they certainly didn’t top New re earch from Cerulli, a group... Read More

From Income to Accumulation: The FIA Marketing Shift

In the po t-fiduciary rule market, fixed indexed annuitie are till gaining traction, but a  hift toward accumulation i apparent “Independent agent continued to hift their empha i from guaranteed income to accumulation product focu ed on up ide potential,” aid John Matovina, CEO of American Equity Inve tment Life, in a recent... Read More

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