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Stay on top of the latest news & trends affecting the annuity industry. Annuity FYI’s annuity blog is regularly updated with original articles covering products, insurance company news and financial expert’s commentary. Whether you are an annuity owner or financial professional, Annuity FYI’s blog will keep you informed.

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Strategies for Fixed-Income Investors

                                                                                                                                      &nb p; It can be difficult at time to inve t money afely when living on a fixed income Safe  product , like money market fund and... Read More

Rebalance and Shelter Your Portfolio With a Variable Annuity

One of the bigge t problem facing inve tor i reducing equity expo ure on a et out ide of retirement plan while minimizing the tax impact u ually triggered by uch portfolio reallocation According to a recent article from ThinkAdvi or, ome of the more common trategie for dealing with thi ituation include tax-lo harve ting, making a... Read More

Great-American Life Offers Variable Indexed Annuity

According to a recent new article from ThinkAdvi or, Great-American Life In urance Company ha introduced a new variable indexed annuity that target client who like hard a et The company, which i ba ed in Cincinnati, Ohio, ha aid that purcha er can get a full pro pectu and  an index menu that include a gold index and a real e tate... Read More

New Fixed Index Annuity Series from American Equity

La t week, American Equity Inve tment Life In urance Company announced the launch of a new fixed index annuity erie , the Income Shield erie The new product offer contract owner a variety of guaranteed income option in addition to the ability to ecure a lifelong revenue tream, according to a recent pre relea e American Equity i one of... Read More

Turning Retirement Savings Into Income

One of the bigge t fear in retirement i running out of money Many people trive to ave for mo t of their working live , but turning that aving into actual income i a different tory Here’ a look at ome of the mo t common retirement income trategie , a well a the pro and con of each, according to a recent article from Forbe The... Read More

New Fixed-Indexed Annuities from National Western Life

The United State -ba ed life in urance company, National We tern Life In urance Company (NWLIC) ha recently announced the launch of two new fixed-indexed annuitie (FIA ) According to a recent article from Life In urance International, the two annuitie , NWL Core Dynamic and NWL Pro Dynamic, offer both fixed rate and fixed indexed-linked intere t... Read More

Brighthouse Financial Updates Living Benefit Rider

In an effort to give financial advi or and their client more inve tment flexibility, Brighthou e Financial Inc ha made ome change to it FlexChoice variable annuity living benefit rider The update let client choo e their own inve tment option a et allocation , according to a recent article from ThinkAdvi or Previou ly, client were... Read More

LIMRA Study Finds Annuities Provide Sense of Security

For one rea on or another, annuitie have been given a bad rap, mo t likely becau e of the complex nature of the e financial tool But regardle of whether you love them or hate them, according to a recent LIMRA tudy, retiree who own them feel more ecure than tho e who do not The tudy, di cu ed in a recent article from 401(k) Speciali t... Read More

New Fee-Based FIA from American Equity

One of the nation’ leading eller of  fixed indexed annuitie , American Equity Inve tment Life Holding Co, ha recently announced a new guaranteed lifetime income-focu ed fixed indexed annuity (FIA) with fee option According to an article from In uranceNew Net, the FIA will be launched next month and will be old only through independent... Read More

Annuity Trends: Life-Only Guarantees on the Rise

According to a recent article from In uranceNew Net, inquirie about life-only guarantee on income annuitie jumped to 26% compared to the previou year, at 224% Thi i the third year in a row that ignificant increa e in the e inquirie were ob erved Expert believe thi i a re ult of advi or valuing a higher payout over a death... Read More

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