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Brighthouse Financial Expands Shield Annuity Family

In an effort to focu on implicity, tran parency and value in product de ign, Brighthou e Financial ha announced an expan ion to it flag hip Shield annuity family The major provider of US annuity and life in urance olution ha made available Brighthou e Shield Level Select℠ 3-Year and 6-Year Annuitie and the Brighthou e Shield Level... Read More

Great American Life’s Fee-based Annuity Now Available Through Brookstone

In a pre relea e la t week, Great American Life In urance Company® announced that their fee-ba ed annuity will now be available through Brook tone Capital Management (BCM) The annuity product will allow BCM advi or to offer client more diver ification for their portfolio in order to manage ri k “We are thrilled to add a leader like... Read More

DOL Requests Delay in Fiduciary Rule Implementation

Two day ago, document were filed by the Department of Labor to delay the implementation of pha e two of the controver ial fiduciary rule The next pha e, which deal with regulation on the ale of annuitie old with retirement fund , wa cheduled to take effect on January 1, 2018, but if approved, will be pu hed back until July 1, 2019 Pha e... Read More

Understanding Annuities: 4 Common Rules

Like with any other inve tment option, it’ important to under tand what you’re getting before you ign on the dotted line That i one of the rea on why o many people hy away from annuitie ; they can be rather complex But ju t becau e they can be complicated doe n’t mean you hould count them out Here’ a look at ome of the more common... Read More

Retirement Strategies: I’ve Maxed Out My IRA Contributions

An IRA, or Individual Retirement Account, i a great option for aving for retirement, e pecially if you don’t have acce to a 401(k) plan through your employer  While the e aving account offer big tax break , they have one major drawback: the annual contribution limit In 2017 you are allowed to contribute up to $18,000 to a 401(k) account,... Read More

It’s Time to Revisit Adding an Annuity to Your Portfolio

Did you know that from 1998 to 2013, the number of Fortune 500 companie offering traditional defined benefit plan fell a whopping 86% When you couple that fact with growing concern about the future of Social Security, it’ ea y to under tand why today’ generation of worker are a little concerned about their potential retirement It i... Read More

Tips for Late Retirement Savers

If you regret not tarting to ave for retirement early enough, you’re not alone According to a recent USNew article, 22% of American feel the ame way While a late tart to aving can threaten a ecure retirement, it doe n’t nece arily mean you don’t tand a chance In tead of focu ing on your pa t mi take , it’ time to buckle down and... Read More

Insurance Industry Could Influence DOL Rule Changes

If you’re one of the many profe ional in the in urance indu try who want to ee a change in the Department of Labor’ (DOL) fiduciary rule, now may be your chance to make it happen According to a recent In uranceNew Net article, a top department official ha aid that the be t way to go about change would be to provide current data to... Read More

FIA Trend Continues with New Product From Symetra

The trend in fee-ba ed fixed indexed annuitie continue with a recent announcement from Symetra Life In urance Company The leading fixed annuity provider ha introduced two new FIA built for fee-ba ed planning, according to a recent pre relea e Symetra Advi ory Edge and Symetra Advi ory Income Edge both provide cu tomer planning for... Read More

QLACs Hedge Against Longevity Risk

For tho e nearing or in early retirement, the fear of running out of money i a very real concern Enter the qualified longevity annuity contract, or QLAC With thi relatively new option, you can inve t up to 25% of the total balance of your IRA and 401(k) , not to exceed $125,000 with an in urance company In exchange, the company will pay you an... Read More

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