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Jackson National Jumps On Fee-Based Annuity Wagon

Jack on National Life In urance Company ha ju t announced the launch of their new fee-ba ed variable annuity, Per pective Advi ory II (PAII), according to a recent pre relea e With the goal of helping people find financial freedom in retirement, the product boa t no urrender charge and, together with the expanded uite of offering ,... Read More

Reduce Your RMD with a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract

You’ve worked hard your entire life to ta h away your hard-earned money into 401(k) and IRA , and you’re finally ready to retire Fir t of all, congratulation ! Now, it’ time to deal with your tax dilemma Generally, you have to tart taking required minimum di tribution (RMD) when you reach the age of 70 ½, and ometime thi amount can... Read More

Allianz Reports Boom in Buffered Annuity Sales

Further evidence of the recent boom in buffered variable annuity ale ha urfaced in the form of third quarter number relea ed by Allianz According to a recent In uranceNew Net article, the financial ervice company claim that ale of the e annuity product increa ed by an impre ive 62% when compared to the previou year Such number how... Read More

New Push for Annuities in 401(k) Plans

Recently, the Trump admini tration took tep to encourage plan pon or to offer annuitie in 401(k) , according to a recent Inve tmentNew article The Trea ury Department i ued a report that called for the Labor Department and Trea ury to write propo al on how plan pon or can get a i tance in a e ing the long-term financial trength of... Read More

Hybrid Annuities Continue to Gain Momentum

The hybrid annuity market ha been on fire recently, and expert agree that it’ only going to get hotter Eric Steigerwalt, pre ident and CEO of Brighthou e Financial, i a big believer of the product and an even bigger eller of them Steigerwalt claim that the hybrid annuity “i a great product for manufacturer , it’ a great product for... Read More

GLWB Riders and Retirement Income

A new tudy ha found that more owner of variable annuitie with a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB) rider are u ing tho e benefit in retirement, according to a recent In uranceNew Net article Nearly 25%, in fact, have elected to withdraw income at the end of the fir t half of 2017, which i an increa e of 2 percentage point over... Read More

Security Benefit Life’s Total Value Annuity Adds Index Accounts

According to a recent In uranceNew Net article, four new index account have been added to Security Benefit Life’ Total Value Annuity With the delay of the DOL’ fiduciary rule, product in thi market ector are expected to ri e One- and two-year account ba ed on the Standard & Poor’ 500 Low Volatility Daily Ri k Control 5% Index... Read More

Fixed-Indexed Annuities: The Bond Alternative

For con ervative inve tor who are looking for good ( afe) place for their money, bond have been the gold tandard for year They offered a ea y way to provide balance to any portfolio with protection from market volatility, a een in the market drop in 2008 But the tandard might be changing, and according to a recent Kiplinger article, bond... Read More

Survey Says: Americans Want Guaranteed Monthly Income in Retirement

According to a recent urvey, mo t American would choo e a monthly income of $2,700 a month for life over a lump um retirement payment of $500,000, a reported in a Benefit Pro article TIAA’ Lifetime Income Survey found that while 62% of American ay they’d opt for a lifelong monthly check, only 32% of participant ay their retirement... Read More

Fixed Annuities Help Reduce Bull Market Risk

The current bull market ha the portfolio of many inve tor heavy on the tock ide, and all of thi talk about the inevitable move to a bear market ha ome getting nervou Financial expert agree that it’ important to rebalance every once and awhile, and in order to reduce bull market ri k, con ider moving ome of your money out of tock... Read More

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