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Current Fixed Rates as of 9/14

3 Year MYGA 2.15%
5 Year MYGA 3.20%
7 Year MYGA 3.39%
10 Year MYGA 3.50%
15 Year MYGA 2.95%


Compare Annuities & Riders Side-by-Side

What are ‘Top Picks’?

‘Top Picks’ are products the experts at Annuity FYI feel are the most competitive on the market today for a particular type of annuity or rider. These annuities and riders are listed in tables including company and product name, rates, and other pertinent information for easy side-by-side comparison. The criteria for evaluating the various annuity types and riders is provided below. It is important to note that Annuity FYI does not accept compensation for the inclusion of annuities or riders on the Top Picks pages; these are simply what the experts feel are the best products available of the thousands on the market. While the details of the Top Picks are reviewed regularly, it is advised that investors contact Annuity FYI to confirm that rates and product details are current.


Click the compare buttons below for side-by-side comparisons of Annuity FYI’s Top Picks in each category.

Fixed Annuities

Compare fixed annuities with a guaranteed return.

What’s a Fixed Annuity?

Fixed/Equity-Indexed Annuities

View annuities with returns based upon the performance of an equity-market index.

What’s a Fixed-Indexed Annuity?

Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefits(GMIBs)

Guarantee the greater of the actual value, 5-7% compounded annual interest (annuitized), or the highest…

What’s a GMIB?

Lifetime Income Benefits

Compare LIB riders that provide payments for life.

What’s a Lifetime Income Benefits Annuity?

Guaranteed Account Value Benefits (GAVs)

Guarantee your original investment, give you market upside, and allow you to take your investment as a…

What are Guaranteed Account Value Benefits?


Compare bonus annuities that add 3-5% to premiums.

What’s a Bonus Annuity?


Compare annuities with no penalty for early withdrawal, for investors who need spur-of-the-moment access…

What’s a No-Surrender Annuity?


Compare annuities that do not charge you commission fees.

What’s a No-Load Annuity?

Death Benefit Riders

Compare annuities that guarantee payments to your beneficiaries upon your death.

What’s a Death Benefit?

Variable Annuities

Compare low cost variable annuities.

What’s a Variable Annuity?

Deferred Income Annuities

DIA’s provide guaranteed lifetime income that begins at a future date.

What’s a Deferred Income Annuity?

Hybrid Annuities

Hybrid annuities include both fixed and variable components.

What’s a Hybrid Annuity?

Longevity Annuities

Designed for individuals who expect to have long lifespans.

What’s a Longevity Annuity?

Immediate Annuities

Compare immediate annuities that offer fixed or variable payments immediately upon investing, for…

What’s an Immediate Annuity?






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We were so pleased when we first talked with you on the phone. We knew you knew what you were talking about. We felt great confidence in you. We are so blessed to have found you. Thanks for caring!
–Tom and Elizabeth


5/ 5 Stars
I am not a wealthy man and thus can ill afford to make mistakes with what little money that I have. I have to admit — I impressed with your answers. I even understand them! Thank you!


5/ 5 Stars
Besides being ultra responsive and helpful, you are also the most thoughtful and kind people we ever dealt with. Happy New Year to your entire office!
-Kris and Raymond


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