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Speak with a Registered Agent: 1-866-223-2121

Get Rates & Compare Annuity FYI’s Recommended Annuities

Understanding the various annuity types and riders is a critical early step in selecting the right annuity to meet your needs and goals. The table below provides links to learn more and compare annuity types.

Comparing rates is helpful, but annuity rates vary based on several factors that may include state, age and spouse. For the most accurate rates, we recommend requesting a personal rate report. You will receive a customized report comparing annuity rates from top-rated companies sent directly to your email. To get your personalized annuity rate report by email, click here.

Annuity FYI’s Recommended Annuities

Guarantee the greater of the actual value, 5-7% compounded annual interest (annuitized), or the highest contract anniversary value (annuitized).

Guarantee your original investment, give you market upside, and allow you to take your investment as a lump sum after a certain period of time.


  • Compare annuities with no penalty for early withdrawal, for investors who need spur-of-the-moment access to their money.
  • What’s a no-surrender annuity?

* Annuity guarantees rely on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.
*** Bonus annuities may carry higher fees and charges than annuities without the bonus feature, may only accumulate interest prior to annuitization, and may not pay the bonus in case of early withdrawal.
^ Annuity riders may be available for an additional annual premium that may provide additional benefits and income guarantees.

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