Speak with a Registered Agent: 1-866-223-2121

Speak with a Registered Agent: 1-866-223-2121

About Us

Get To Know Us

AnnuityFYI.com was founded in November of 2000 with the purpose of helping investors learn about, compare and select the most competitive annuities.

“Our mission is to seek out the very best annuities and annuity riders among the thousands of products in the marketplace, thus giving investors the expert resources necessary to make an informed annuity purchase.”

What We Do

AnnuityFYI.com strives to empower the investor. AnnuityFYI.com provides in-depth content covering all-things annuity, from videos explaining the basics for those just getting started to product reviews and current rates for active shoppers. We’ll arm you with the information you need to make an educated decision and be here to answer your questions that come up along the way.

What Separates AnnuityFYI.com

We are an independent, unbiased resource. This means that we can review any annuity product, not just the ones your advisor sells. AnnuityFYI.com is a trusted publisher, not a seller of annuity products, nor are we compensated by any insurance company. We are not an agent or broker like other sites, who sell these products, which means no high-pressure sales calls or obligation.

How We Help You

AnnuityFYI primarily helps investors and prospective investors in two ways; by providing high-quality information on the website to review at your own pace and also by providing access to licensed agents qualified to answer your specific questions.

AnnuityFYI.com Allows You To:

  • Compare products and get rates
  • Request an evaluation of an annuity you already own or a second opinion on a product you are considering through a licensed agent
  • Find out about the newest products and best performers through our email newsletter
  • Educate yourself about the basics of investing in annuities
  • Connect with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ or CFP™ to perform an in depth review of your retirement and financial planning

Who We Work With

AnnuityFYI.com creates and writes its own content in-house. Rate and product data found on the site comes from trusted data providers; the same data providers serving large financial investment firms. Phone and email inquiries including personalized quote requests require the involvement of qualified licensed agents who are not affiliated with AnnuityFYI.com. Because Annuity FYI does not employ agents, we refer such inquiries to licensed agents that are employed by an outside firm.

Our Reputation

AnnuityFYI.com is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ Rating.

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