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Speak with a Registered Agent: 1-866-223-2121


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Annuity FYI’s Mission

“Our mission is to seek out the very best annuities and annuity riders among the thousands of products in the marketplace, and give investors the expert resources necessary to make an informed annuity purchase.”

AnnuityFYI is devoted to educating investors and financial professionals about annuities. Annuity FYI was launched in November of 2000 and since then has become the nation’s most respected resource for learning about, comparing, and selecting annuities.


Debbie K.

EXCELLENT team that did and continue to do the research in scouring the annuity marketplace to meet my needs! Great customer service and attention to detail. I did not get the expected ‘pushy sales approach’ and they continue to provide the on-going service and always answer my requests in a timely manner.

David B.

Very helpful and efficient. Understood my immediate and long term needs. Worked very quickly to meet them. Will use them again if needed.

Annuities for Income

Peace of Mind

Guaranteed regular monthly income for the life of you and your spouse

Income When You Need It

Start receiving income immediately, or at a future date of your choosing

Lifestyle Stability

A cost-of-living option can adjust income for inflation over time

Annuities for Growth

Grow Your Nest Egg

Choose products providing guaranteed returns greater than bank CDs or those with even greater upside potential

Guarantees & Protections

Select products that provide 100% principal protection or others that mitigate risk by offering downside protection

More Upside Potential

Some growth annuities are tied to indexes, such as the S&P 500, providing stock market exposure but with protections in place designed to limit or prevent loss

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