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What is an Investment Strategy?

Pre-defined asset allocation models for variable annuities are appropriate for investors who do not want to actively manage their annuity sub-account portfolio, for lack of time, experience or confidence. If you decide to use a pre-defined asset allocation model, consider your age, estimated time until retirement, current financial stability, and tolerance for market volatility when selecting a risk profile (such as conservative, aggressive, etc.).




Company Product Name
ohio-national Asset Allocation Models
axa-life-insurance AXA Allocation Portfolios
jackson_national JNL / S&P® Managed Portfolios
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New Alliance Launches Education Campaign for Lifetime Income, Annuities

Last week, large strides were taken to address the national retirement income crisis in America. A coalition of 24 major …

Bonds vs. Annuities: New Research Seems to Settle the Debate

Most investors have three goals when it comes to their money: they want growth, safety and liquidity. Finding an investment …

Seek Reliable Information When Shopping for Annuities

If you ask anyone who is nearing retirement if they’d like a steady stream of guaranteed income during their Golden …

Shorter Surrender Periods Improve Sales of Indexed Annuities

As the first-quarter numbers roll in, the data is showing that investors are especially attracted to indexed annuities with shorter …


Plan Accordingly: At Best, Stock Market Likely to Do Nothing until November Mid-Term Elections

Here is a picture you might relate to. You’re a retiree with a respectable investment portfolio, including annuities, but you still periodically have to sell shares of stock …

Prepare Yourself: Volatility is Back, Probably Indefinitely

Life in retirement, at least the financial aspect, would be less stressful if you could just load up with annuities with lifetime income guarantees …

Don’t Delay Buying an Annuity Because You Think Rates Are Poised to Rise

Excited by a surging stock market and initial expectations that President Trump’s goal to…

Don’t Sell Because the Stock Market is Weakening

Out of the blue, the stock market has started to look shaky. Market volatility, of course, is common, but in…

Should You Worry That the Stock Market Keeps Setting Records?

This is a good time to review your total investment portfolio, whether you own annuities or not. If you’re an average…

We haven’t had a bear market in years, but one is coming at some point – it always does – and it is a bear market, in particular, that challenges investor confidence. As the market keeps declining, investors tend to worry whether it will ever end. It is a particularly nerve-racking experience for retirees living on fixed incomes.

The Downside of Holding a Concentrated Position

Most investors know a diversified portfolio makes great sense. It won’t produce a grand slam homerun, but it always…

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Another Advantage of Annuities: You Can Be More Aggressive with Non-Annuity Funds and Fare Better Long-Term

Financial advisor Curtis Cloke learned long ago that one way to sell annuities to wealthy near-retirees is to show them…

Market-Linked CDs – A Retirement Income Supplement That May be Worth Considering

Market-Linked CDs – A Retirement Income Supplement That May be Worth Considering

You may find an MLCD to be a good companion to your fixed annuity, which also has no market exposure and, reflecting the times, pays low interest rates…

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