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Are Income Annuities Really the “Perfect” Retirement Product?

For all intents and purposes, income annuities appear to be the perfect retirement product.  They combat longevity risk and because of mortality credits, offer relatively high payouts.  So a couple of economists recently pondered why more people are not using these annuities in their retirement …

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Fixed Annuities Help Symetra’s Strong 1st Quarter

From a company press release, Symetra Financial showed strong first quarter 2010 results.  Their net income increased to $46.3 million from $5.1 million in the first quarter of last year.  With an increase of 30% in their adjusted operating income over last year, Symetra went …

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New York Life Sells Over $1 Billion Of Income Annuities in 2008

The Retirement Income Reporter recently published an article highlighting New York Life Insurance Company’s selling a total of $1.2 billion of income annuities during 2008.  About $850 million was sold through New York Life’s own career agency. Over $100 million worth of AARP Lifetime Income …

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