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Fixed Index Annuities and Retirement Income Planning

In times of market volatility, such as this, many are turning to fixed indexed annuities as a safer way to invest. But with so much confusion and misconceptions on how the product actually works some are skeptical about purchasing one.  Instead of comparing FIAs to …

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Annuities: You Can’t Always Believe What You Read

When you see a headline involving annuity products, the words “bad,” “scary,” and “avoid” often are included. Obviously, the use of such words has created a bit of an image problem, driving many investors to steer clear of all annuities. Lumping all such products together …

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Income Annuities Account For Most Risks In Retirement

Retirement planning expert Wade Pfau has spent countless hours researching the different types of retirement income planning tools available. In a recent article for Forbes magazine, “Understanding The Tools In Your Retirement Income Toolbox,” he summarized the important facts about your income choices. Your first …

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