Shorter Surrender Periods Improve Sales of Indexed Annuities

As the first-quarter numbers roll in, the data is showing that investors are especially attracted to indexed annuities with shorter surrender periods. Sales through banks and broker-dealers skyrocketed as these distributors prefer the shorter surrender periods due to the higher rates and caps that they can impose in exchange for lower commissions.  “We’ve seen stuff going over to banks and broker-dealers more and more, and with banks and  broker-dealers, the five to seven-year... Read More

Are Fee-Based Annuities Right for You?

In response to the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule, which requires financial advisors to offer retirement advice that is only in their clients’ best interests, the annuity industry has introduced a new generation of product. Several big time insurers, including Lincoln Financial Group, Pacific Life and Great American Life Insurance, have launched new “fee based” variable and fixed-indexed annuities for use in brokerage accounts. With this new type of annuity, investors pay an... Read More

Hybrid Annuities Continue to Gain Momentum

The hybrid annuity market has been on fire recently, and experts agree that it’s only going to get hotter. Eric Steigerwalt, president and CEO of Brighthouse Financial, is a big believer of the products and an even bigger seller of them. Steigerwalt claims that the hybrid annuity “is a great product for manufacturers, it’s a great product for distributors, it’s a great product for our clients - so growing that business, I think, would be great.” He added, in a recent InsuranceNewsNet... Read More

It’s Time to Revisit Adding an Annuity to Your Portfolio

Did you know that from 1998 to 2013, the number of Fortune 500 companies offering traditional defined benefit plans fell a whopping 86%? When you couple that fact with growing concerns about the future of Social Security, it’s easy to understand why today’s generations of workers are a little concerned about their potential retirement. It is becoming more and more apparent that individuals need to become more responsible for the creation of his or her own retirement income. If you’re... Read More

New Annuity Products from National Life Group

In an effort to help Americans build and protect their retirement savings, Life Company of the Southwest, a member company of National Life Group, has introduced a series of single premium deferred annuities and Guaranteed Lifetime Income Riders. According to a recent press release, the new products are called the Financially Independent for Tomorrow (FIT) series.“With Americans living longer in retirement, providing more innovative savings solutions is paramount,” state Scott Edblom,... Read More

Prepare for the Bear: 3 Safe Market Strategies

The current, eight-year-long bull market has been fueled by low interest rates, fiscal stimulus, economic growth and an administration focused on supporting business. But equities can’t continue to push higher for much longer. Investors are starting to look for the safest place to put their money as uncertainty grows.A number of factors, whether it be geopolitical concerns or aggressive Federal Reserve actions, threaten to bring the bull market to a halt, leading many savvy investors... Read More

Variable Annuity Enhancements from Transamerica

In an effort to provide customers with simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency in retirement planning, Transamerica has enhanced its Transamerica Income EdgeSM living benefit rider as well as launching two new lower cost investment options, according to a recent PR Newswire release.Transamerica Income Edge is a living benefit that is available with most variable annuities from Transamerica. Changes to the optional living benefit, that was initially introduced in 2016, include a fee... Read More

Target Date Funds and Auto-Annuitization

The stress over how to drawdown retirement funds is a very real dilemma. Spend too much too quickly, and you risk running out of money. On the other hand, hoarding the balance can result in living with a poorer quality of life than necessary. In a recent Market Watch article, author Alicia H. Munnell,  director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, discusses this tricky situation as it pertains to the 401(k) system.According to Munnell, there are three reasons why... Read More

ETF-only Variable Annuities Gaining Traction

As the implementation date of the new fiduciary rule gets closer, we’re seeing an increase in development of fee-based advisory products in the annuity industry. One such development is a variable annuity from Lincoln Financial, branded as “Lincoln Core Income built with iShares,” which offers only passive, low-cost ETFs from asset manager BlackRock. And according to a recent article from InsuranceNewsNet, the product, which launched in February, has found some success with distributors,... Read More

Mitigate Risks with an Inflation-Protected Annuity

There are several signs of the economy’s continued recovery, including moderate wage growth, low unemployment and the raising of the federal funds rate by the Federal Reserve. While this is all good news, an increase in prices from a strengthening economy can also produce higher inflation. According to a recent Yahoo!Finance article, inflation has been climbing steadily since hitting 0.8% in July 2016. In February, the rate reached 2.7% and then settled at 2.4% in March, where it is expected... Read More - Prefooter


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