Speak with a Registered Agent: 1-866-223-2121

Speak with a Registered Agent: 1-866-223-2121

Top Annuity Picks for the New Year


The end of the calendar year is a time when many of us choose to assess the state of our finances and plan for both long and short-term retirement goals.

With this in mind, we are excited to share Annuity FYI’s Top Picks for the New Year.  We have selected what we consider to be some of the most competitive products on the market heading into 2021.  We’ve identified Top Picks in the following categories:  Fixed Index Growth, Fixed Index Income, Variable Growth, and Variable Income.

See the Top Picks here. 

Annuity FYI is an independent resource.  Contact us and a licensed professional can provide an illustration or product information for any of the Top Picks.

In addition to announcing these outstanding Top Picks, we want to inform you that select annuities are currently beating returns on CDs.  Please contact Annuity FYI directly to get rates or discuss CD alternatives.

Simply send us an email at support@annuityfyi.com, or call Annuity FYI at 1-866-223-2121 for more information.

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