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Ovation Lifetime Income II Variable Annuity Rider

We wrote about Securian’s Ovation Lifetime Income guaranteed living withdrawal benefit when it was introduced and now the company has a new rider to unveil.  In a MarketWatch press release, Securian introduces the Ovation Lifetime Income II GLWB with some new features to add to …

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Ovation Lifetime Income Rider

A new variable annuity rider from Securian helps to give retirees the income protection and growth that they’re looking for, according to a company press release.  Whether making a 401k annuity transfer or purchasing a variable annuity before retirement age, adding the Ovation Lifetime Income …

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First Immediate Annuity from Securian

According to The Retirement Reporter, Securian Financial Group has begun to offer its inagural single premium immediate annuity (SPIA). The product is called IncomeToday! After paying an initial $25,000 premium, IncomeToday! provides continuous fixed payments, either for life or a defined period of time. This SPIA …

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