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Many People Regret Not Purchasing Annuities Sooner

Peter Klein makes “The Case for Annuities” in a recent article for LifeHealthPro.  He says that many of his clients regret not purchasing annuities sooner in their retirement, especially after losing so much money in 2008.  They wish they had kept a portion of their …

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UPDATED BLOG: Minnesota Adopts Suitability Guidelines

Suitability guidelines are very important for annuity products.  Those of us with good ethical standards need to make sure that the industry is treating consumers well.  Two groups putting suitability standards into effect are FINRA and the NAIC.  I just updated a blog post about …

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FINRA No Longer Fighting to Regulate Advisors

Although FINRA isn’t pleased with their recent decision, advisors are happy that the regulatory agency is no longer trying to regulate them.  According to Financial Planning’s “Advisors Cheer as FINRA Drops Bid to Regulate RIAs,” FINRA will no longer be campaigning to be the regulatory …

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