IRI Industry Predictions: Fixed Indexed Annuity Sales & 3% Interest Rates

The Insured Retirement Institute released their State of the Industry report last month.  The report offers insight into the overall annuity market for 2015 as well as a prediction that interest rates will rise above 3% this year.  In Think Advisor's article, "Fixed Indexed Annuities to Hold 'Bright Spot' in 2015," Melanie Waddell says that annuity purchases will continue to shift to products that offer principal protection and income streams for the future.  The IRI believes that an... Read More

Studies Show Annuities Meet Consumers’ Retirement Goals

A number of recent studies have been focused on retiree attitudes, concerns and the products that could help them take care of those concerns.  In Insurance News Net's article, "Consumer Interest in Annuities Perks as Feds Discover Value," Arthur D. Postal summarized some of the recent findings.  LIMRA's Secure Retirement Institute study is called "Finding the Right Mix: LIMRA Retirement Income Attitudes and Preferences."  Both retirees and pre-retirees said that one of their top priorities... Read More

The IRI Fact Book 2014 Discusses Annuity and Retirement Income Trends

The Insured Retirement Institute recently released their "IRI Fact Book 2014," which details all of the goings on in the retirement income and annuity industry.  Warren S. Hersch summarized the nearly 200 page document for Life Health Pro in a series of articles, the second of which is "7 more retirement and annuity facts you should know".  They looked at the trends and overall health of the industry, ways to generate income and all of the new things happening with annuity products.  The IRI... Read More

Interesting Findings from the Survey of Charitable Gift Annuities

We recently released our list of Top 40 Charitable Gift Annuities.  Purchasing a charitable gift annuity allows you to help your favorite charity in the future while providing yourself with an income stream in retirement.  In The Non Profit Times article "Annuity Donors Reportedly Getting Younger," Mark Hrywna talks about the recent changes happening with charitable gift annuities.  Unfortunately for charities, they have received less than 2/3 of the initial contributions to the annuities... Read More

Payout Annuity Yield from CANNEX Creates An Industry Benchmark

There are a lot of benchmarks to measure yields in the financial industry.  There are indexes for stocks, bonds and even real estate, but there was not an index to measure the annuity industry.  CANNEX recently introduced the PAY (Payout Annuity Yield) index so that the income annuity industry would have a benchmark.  Benchmarks help to determine the strength of the industry and give consumers and insurance companies a comparison for their own products.  CANNEX's PAY Index determines the... Read More

NAFA’s Response to Misinformed Annuity Advice

The National Association for Fixed Annuities' response to some misinformed advice given by Dave Ramsey is brilliant.  Someone wrote Mr. Ramsey asking for advice before purchasing a fixed annuity.  Without knowing much about the reader, Mr. Ramsey of course bashed the prospect of the gentleman using a fixed annuity in any capacity in his financial planning.  In The Daily Journal's "A Response to a Dave Ramsey Column," NAFA President & CEO Kim O'Brien offers some true advice and recommends... Read More

FINRA Closely Monitoring Exchanges from Variable to Fixed Indexed Annuities

Fixed indexed annuities are replacing variable annuities in many circles.  Some people are opting to buy fixed or indexed annuities from the start, while others are making 1035 exchanges from a variable annuity that they currently own.  FINRA is more closely monitoring these annuity exchanges, especially since broker-dealers are selling more indexed annuities than ever.  This information comes from Investment News' "Fixed annuity sales receiving added scrutiny from Finra," by Bruce Kelly and... Read More

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation Shows Support for Annuities

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation continues to pay out benefits from defined benefit plans that have been lost because of insufficient funds.  This non-profit corporation is part of the U.S. Department of Labor.  They have just issued a new proposal that shows unwavering support of using annuities to guarantee lifetime income in your retirement planning.  While this doesn't directly affect the private annuity industry, the PBGC support is important to the annuity industry in... Read More

NAFA Calls 2014 “The Year of the Fixed Annuity”

The National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) has declared 2014 "The Year of the Fixed Annuity" in an article for their Annuity Outlook Magazine.  Their president, Kim O'Brien, likened the outlook for fixed annuities to the Chinese New Year calendar character, the Horse.  2014 is the year of the Horse in Chinese tradition, symbolizing constant effort to improve.  O'Brien says that the fixed annuity industry does just that by trying to improve peoples' lives through annuity guarantees,... Read More

The SEC Helps Explain Variable Annuities

Variable annuities are a good way to safely secure retirement income while having the potential to receive gains in the stock market.  They can be confusing products though and are not necessarily right for all investors.  Andrew Wang of Runnymede Capital Management recently published an article in the Huffington Post explaining the nuances of variable annuities.  In "10 Things The SEC Wants You to Know about Variable Annuities," Mr. Wang points out that the SEC's Office of Investor... Read More - Prefooter


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