Important Changes in Variable Annuities

Wall Street Journal reporters Leslie Scism and Liam Pleven recently highlighted the modifications made by insurers to variable annuity benefits. These annuities have been very popular with baby boomers looking for a safer retirement plan with tax benefits and a minimum return. However, the current slump in the economy has made many insurers unable to meet investment guarantees. It has increased the cost of hedging to fight the downside of these annuities; in the year it ending October 31, the... Read More

Variable & Fixed Annuities: Good Recession Investment

The incoming Obama administration will likely increase taxes on individuals in higher tax brackets.  Gail Liberman from the Palm Beach Daily News suggests that annuities are a very good option for these investors in the current economic climate. Tax-deferred fixed annuities and variable annuities are options that will keep your money safe and sound. Variable annuities often include principal guarantees and allow you to invest in stocks and bonds. However, their annual charges may be... Read More

MassMutual Suspending Sale of GMIB

MassMutual has announced that it will be suspending sales of its Guaranteed Income Plus 6 rider on December 2, 2008.Features include...-Guaranteed 6% annual compounding rate-Immediate withdrawals-Annual re-setVisit our GMIB page to learn more about the Guaranteed Income Plus... Read More

AIG – Is Your Policy Safe?

Brett Arends of The Wallstreet Journal Online recently addressed concerns of AIG policyholders.Brett explains that there are three separate barriers protecting your retirement annuity, long term care, or other type of insurance policy.-AIG on Wall Street is an umbrella company, while the policy is actually held by a subsidiary in your state.  The policy is backed by assets and insulated from the parent company's woes.-If the state level subsidiary did get into financial difficulty,... Read More - Prefooter

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