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Indexed Annuities Break Records in 2009

With $30 billion of sales in 2009, indexed annuities set a record for the highest sales of all time, according to “2009 Indexed Annuity Sales Set Record” from Insurance News Net.  The previous record from 2007 was beat by close to 10%.  Data representing 99% of the companies selling indexed annuities was collected by Annuity Spec’s Indexed Sales and Market Report.  While 4th quarter indexed annuity sales were down from the third quarter, sales levels were adjusting back to a normal level after their record highs.

Allianz Life remained in the top spot for total 2009 sales, as well as staying in the #1 carrier position in the market.  Their MasterDex X held its position as the top selling indexed annuity for the third quarter in a row.  Indexed annuities are tied to the markets, proving that their annuity rates were popular to investors.  After Allianz Life, Aviva moved up to the second spot in this annuities market.  The third, fourth, and fifth spots were occupied by American Equity, Jackson National, and ING.  In regards to bank and wirehouse 4th quarter distributions, Jackson National Life had the most indexed annuity sales.

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