The Good and Bad of Annuity Products

Terry Savage of the Chicago Sun Times wrote such an honest review of annuity products in her article, "Annuities: Weigh them carefully, and scrutinize the details."  I completely agree.  Annuities offer excellent benefits, the most popular being exposure to market upsides, protection against market downsides, and a lifetime stream of income.  This is why Ms. Savage points out that she actually owns annuities and is very happy with their performance and the lifetime income for which they will... Read More

Six Low-Cost Variable Annuities

Annuity FYI just added a new page with information about some of the best low-cost variable annuities available right now.  I thought it was important to summarize this information on the blog as well because we are constantly asked about low-cost variable annuities.  Do they exist?  Are they any good?  Yes, there are definitely a lot of good low-cost variable annuities to be found.  It doesn't mean they are the best product for your needs just because they are low-cost, but there is a... Read More

Buy An Annuity for Your Valentine

Before I get started, I must admit that I found this Marketwatch article just a bit sexist, but I realize the audience to which Stan Haithcock was speaking will appreciate it.  In "Guess what? Your wife loves annuities," the Annuity Man says that when he is giving financial presentations, he knows that many of the men he is speaking to are not fans of annuity products.  But when their wives come along to the tropical locations and hear what annuities have to offer, they immediately want their... Read More

Why People are Benefitting from Indexed Annuities

I don't know what it is about fixed indexed annuities that ignites such passion from financial advisors.  It seems that they either love them or hate them, something I am opposed to when it comes to annuity products.  You really have to look at the details of each individual product to see who it might work for and who would be best suited with another financial product.  Even with the abundance of naysayers, fixed indexed annuities are increasing in popularity and have the sales numbers to... Read More

Fixed Indexed Annuites Have 4 Big Benefits

It's nice to see positive articles about annuities like Carter Gray's "Why You Should Purchase an Equity Indexed Annuity."  The Fox Business article gives Mr. Gray's reasons for being a fan of fixed equity indexed annuities.  They have been increasing in popularity because of their benefits like potential market gains with protection against principal losses.  He says that the first thing you should do when considering an equity indexed annuity is consider four things related to your current... Read More

2013 Trends for Annuities as a Whole

This blog is, in essence, a continuation of yesterday's blog on what to expect in variable annuity trends for 2013.  But this entry deals with the annuity industry as a whole and what we think will be happening next year.  Producer's Web published a Life Health Pro article, "Annuities: 5 things to expect in 2013," where Maria Wood gives us some hints at changes to come.  Some of the changes I talked about that are likely in store for variable annuities will effect all annuities, while others... Read More

401k Fixed Indexed Annuity Offers Multiple Benefits

In The Retirement Pros, Dr. Shelby J. Smith wrote an article about "A Fixed Indexed Annuity Designed Exclusively for 401k Plans."  We all know how important it is to maximize the contributions we put into our 401k's at work.  We've been told to put the maximum amount towards our retirement savings and make sure we put enough to maximize our employer match, if we're lucky enough to have one.  But those in the finance world who have the job of making sure our 401k's last us through retirement... Read More

Fixed Equity Indexed Annuities Are the Bright Spot

LIMRA just put out a press release detailing the first quarter sales results for annuities.  While indexed annuities remained very strong, declines in both fixed and variable annuities led to an overall annuity sales decline in the first quarter of 2012.  Annuity sales were $54.8 billion during the first quarter, an 8% decrease from the first quarter of 2011.  Variable annuity sales had remained strong over the past two years, but went down 7% to $36.8 billion in the first quarter.  The... Read More

Fixed Annuity Income Riders

The fixed annuity is an important tool to help you financially in retirement.  In the Leavenworth Times' "Dollars and Sense: Income riders a way to achieve retirement goals," Larry Martin discusses the different income rider options available with a fixed annuity.  I previously blogged about his retirement scenario related to a couple needing to save $345,000 and get a 6% return to reach their desired retirement savings.  Deferred fixed annuities are a good option for this couple because... Read More

Death Benefits & Tax Deferred Growth

While demand for variable annuities is still very high, many insurers are stepping back from them quite a bit.  According to Investment News's Darla Mercado in the article "VA carriers hunkering down," life insurers have had a hard time hedging their variable annuities with living benefits.  Stock market volatility and low interest rates are making it expensive for insurers to offer variable annuities.  Genworth Financial stopped selling annuities at the beginning of 2011 and Sun Life... Read More - Prefooter

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