Advisors Help With 401k Annuities & Rollovers

According to a recent survey, investors are quite uncertain with the retirement issues surrounding them and could use more help from advisors.  Danielle Andrus of Advisor One says that many people are not happy with the support offered from their employer's retirement plan in her article "Unsatisfied and Uncertain--Investors Need Advisors' Help: Retirement Report Roundup."  Cogent Research's study of investors found that more than half were unhappy with their current situation and need... Read More

Immediate Annuities Are Selling

Sales of immediate annuities and fixed indexed annuities increased in 2010, according to National Underwriter's Allison Bell.  The article "Annuity Data: Fixed Annuities; Variable Annuity Guaranteed Living Benefits" summarizes the information collected by Beacon Research Publications Inc.  Fixed annuity sales decreased 31% from 2009 to 2010, but were still $72 billion.  It doesn't necessarily mean that people are buying fewer annuities though.Many investors decided to purchase fixed... Read More

Ohio National's Variable Annuities Better Than the Competition

According to "Taking off the glitz," Darla Mercado of Investment News says that variable annuities are losing some of the benefits that made them so popular in the first place.  Many living benefit features were added and made more attractive last year in order to draw investors into variable annuities.  But since low interest rates make it more expensive for insurance companies to offer benefits like lifetime withdrawal benefit guarantees, some of the top sellers of variable annuities are... Read More

Annuities Build Retirement Portfolio

There are nine new investment products out there to help you both save for retirement and live in retirement and annuities appear more than once on this list.  Ernst & Young compiled the list they say offers you a bulletproof retirement, as written in "Tools to build a bulletproof retirement portfolio" by Robert Powell of MarketWatch.There are four main products recommended to help you save for retirement.  While target-date funds have drawbacks for some, they can be useful in many... Read More

Popular Variable Annuity Rider

The guaranteed living benefit rider for variable annuities has become increasingly popular, according to National Underwriter's "VAs with GLB Rider Rose 18% in 2Q."  Variable annuity products with the GLB accounted for $20.3 billion of new deferred sales during the second quarter of this year.  This was an 18% increase over first quarter sales.  It was the third quarter in a row that 87% of investors opted for the guaranteed living benefit rider when purchasing their variable annuity... Read More

Variable Annuities Usually Have GLB Rider

In "Consumers' Interest in Guaranteed Living Benefits Remains Strong in 2009, LIMRA Reports" from Insurance News Net, LIMRA's 4th quarter findings are detailed.  When variable annuities offer the Guaranteed Living Benefit (GLB) rider, 84% of people elected to get the rider in the 4th quarter of 2009.  The four quarters prior to last, 89% of people elected for the GLBs.  The small decline is associated with a similar decline in the guaranteed living withdrawal benefit rider (GLWB), although... Read More - Prefooter

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