Annuities Can Create A Pension-Like Income Stream

In a recent special for USA Today,'s Jeff Reeves asked "Can an annuity act as your pension plan?" The short answer is yes. The majority of Americans would rather have the cushy and simple pension plans of decades ago, but unfortunately those pensions are a rarity nowadays. In 2011, only 10% of private companies had pension plans, covering just 18% of the workers in the private sector. I presume that number is already significantly lower just five years later. To put it into... Read More

Three Benefits are Drawing People to Indexed Annuities

Our own Andrew Murdoch, also President of Somerset Wealth Strategies, wrote an article for Marketwatch to explain "Why fixed indexed annuities are strong sellers." Sometimes fixed indexed annuities are described in a too good to be true way. Yes, they offer principal protection while still exposing your money to stock market gains. But keep in mind that you won't take advantage of total stock market gains because your money is not only linked to an index, but often subject to caps and... Read More

The 20 Year Evolution of Fixed Indexed Annuities

This year marks the 20th anniversary of fixed indexed annuities.  They have undergone a lot of changes during those two decades, some good and some bad.  In Insurance News Net Magazine's article "Happy 20th, Fias!", Editor-in-Chief Steven Morelli talks about the state of fixed indexed annuity products.  He summed it up well with the first sentence, "Fixed index annuities want what any 20-year-old desires: Acceptance and respect."Keyport Life introduced the first indexed annuity in... Read More

Understanding the Complexities of Fixed Indexed Annuities

Fixed indexed annuities have a lot of pieces and parts.  They are more complex than the fixed annuity products that came before them.  In The Aiken Standard article, "On the Money: Equity-indexed annuities are popular but complex," Greg Roberts defines the terms that are associated with fixed indexed annuities and offers basic annuity refreshers.  Annuities are contracts between you and an insurance company.  You purchase this product with a lump sum or a stream of payments and the... Read More

Slowly Increasing Interest Rates Good for Fixed Annuities

Interest rates are important for the bond market as well as the fixed annuity market.  But just as important as what the interest rate value actually is, is what direction it is headed at what speed.  "Bond market fears igniting interest in fixed annuities," by Darla Mercado of Investment News, looks at why fixed annuities are seeing a little boost as fear about the bond market has crept in.  This summer has seen a large sell-off of bonds because people are worried that the Federal Reserve... Read More

Annuity Arguments Often Based on Inaccurate Information

Annuities are a great financial tool for many people, yet don't belong in the portfolio of some others.  Unfortunately, there are some incorrect arguments against these products circulating that might keep consumers away who could really benefit from the safety and guarantees of annuity products.  In Life Health Pro, John L. Olsen and Michael E. Kitces give us "5 arguments against annuities - and how to overcome them."  These arguments often don't take important details into consideration... Read More

When an Annuity Will Work for You, and When it Won’t

Whenever I see the always present articles asking "Are annuities right for you?," I get ready to cringe at the "expert" answers.  Depending upon the source of the article, these so-called experts may not know anything about annuities and they typically generalize their responses for everyone.  As we often say in this blog, annuities are right for many people, but not for everyone.  Each annuity product and purchase has to be tailored to the individual and scrutinized in a financial planning... Read More

Fixed Indexed Annuites Have 4 Big Benefits

It's nice to see positive articles about annuities like Carter Gray's "Why You Should Purchase an Equity Indexed Annuity."  The Fox Business article gives Mr. Gray's reasons for being a fan of fixed equity indexed annuities.  They have been increasing in popularity because of their benefits like potential market gains with protection against principal losses.  He says that the first thing you should do when considering an equity indexed annuity is consider four things related to your current... Read More

CommandMark Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity Adds Riders

There are three new riders available with The Phoenix Companies' CommandMark fixed equity indexed annuity products.  This single premium indexed annuity is available in three different forms; CommandMark, CommandMark Plus, and CommandMark IR.  Those three CommandMark annuities vary based on different premium bonus levels, how long the surrender charges last, and the length of the premium vesting bonus time frame.  CommandMark annuities offer many different riders, the newest of which are the... Read More

Fixed Annuity is a Good Alternative to a CD

Financial advisor Gary Garrison says that now is a good time to rollover CDs into fixed annuities.  Andrea Finney of Arkansas Matters conducted the interview in "Quick Tips On Certificates of Deposit With Gary Garrison."  October is the time of year when most CDs are up for renewal and you might be better off choosing to take your money away from CDs because of the low interest rates.  For a long time, interest rates for CDs held steady around 5%.  It's hard to find an interest rate of even... Read More - Prefooter


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