Fixed Annuity With Income Stream Makes for Happy Retirees

Perhaps the biggest financial challenge facing us today is how to turn our retirement savings into income. In "Advisors Challenged To Convert Savings To Retirement Income," Financial Advisor's Juliette Fairley discussed some of the findings from a recent IRI survey. The Insured Retirement Institute found that 80% of retirees who have at least $50,000 saved get income from an annuity or pension. But pensions will be few and far between in the future, so the focus on annuity products for... Read More

After DOL Rule Dust Settles, Annuity Industry Will Shine Again

The Department of Labor's fiduciary rule has been the talk of the annuity and financial industries for months now. With the requirement timeline approaching, the talk will likely be heating up even more through the rest of the year. LifeHealthPro's Jane Wollman Rusoff wrote about a recent interview with "annuity guru" Moshe Milevsky regarding the impact of the DOL's rule. In "Milevsky: Big flaw in DOL fiduciary rule; annuities take early hit," Rusoff highlighted the interview that Milevsky did... Read More

Income Riders, DIAs, QLACs Create Future Annuity Income Stream

In a recent article for The Street, "4 Paths to Future Annuity Income Guarantees," Stan Haithcock explained your options for delaying annuity income until a later date. Many people incorrectly assume that all annuities are immediate, when a large number of them actually defer your income payments. The article says that there are four different ways you can create guaranteed income from an annuity product that will start at some predetermined point in the future. Annuities are the only products... Read More

More Income Annuity Options Needed in DC Plans, Sponsors Request Support

There has been quite a shift in thinking by defined contribution plan sponsors in regards to what the main goal of their plans really is. Defined contribution plans were originally designed for employees to save for retirement and the goal really was who could save the most in their working years and have the highest balance upon retirement. But now, plan sponsors have shifted the goals for their retirement plan participants. The goal has shifted to creating income rather than just building... Read More

Record-Breaking Quarter for Indexed Annuities, But What’s to Come?

Second quarter annuity sales results were recently released by LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute in their Second Quarter U.S. Annuity Sales survey. Fixed indexed annuity products broke sales records during the second quarter. Ironically, last week I blogged about the anticipated 30% decline in fixed indexed annuity sales. What will happen in the FIA industry depends on who you ask, but what is known is that these products have a strong demand from consumers and have been hot sellers in 2016.... Read More

A Simple, Transparent Annuity Can Offer Steady, Guaranteed Income

In a recent Marketwatch article, Stan "The Annuity Man" Haithcock takes a cue from Donald Trump's campaign slogan and says that "It's time to make annuities great again." Some in the industry would argue that they have always been great while there are those anti-annuities folks who would argue just the opposite, that they never have been. While Haithcock doesn't believe that the recent decades of changes made to annuity products are best, he supports the innate benefits of annuities and would... Read More

The Five Types of Annuities That Can Work for You

People are turning to annuities in droves to help strengthen their financial plan for retirement. Barbara Freidberg wrote about the "5 Best Annuities for Your Financial Plan" in a recent article for Go Banking Rates. Annuities are a strong retirement income option because state insurance departments regulate the products. The best way to determine if an annuity is right in your personal financial planning is to understand how each different type of annuity works and the benefits they can offer... Read More

Fixed Annuity Sales Were Strong During the First Quarter

LIMRA's Secure Retirement Institute recently released the retail annuity sales numbers from the first quarter of this year. LifeHealthPro's Kristen Beckman summarized the findings in the article "Fixed annuities continue growth trend." Fixed annuity sales were $32.3 billion, an increase of 48% from last year. Each different product in the fixed annuity market saw growth in the double digits. The increase in fixed annuity sales pushed total annuity sales to $58.9 billion, an increase of 9% from... Read More

Income Annuities Account For Most Risks In Retirement

Retirement planning expert Wade Pfau has spent countless hours researching the different types of retirement income planning tools available. In a recent article for Forbes magazine, "Understanding The Tools In Your Retirement Income Toolbox," he summarized the important facts about your income choices. Your first option is the Total Return Investment Portfolio. This is where you make systematic withdrawals from your investment portfolio. The benefit is that your money has the potential for... Read More

The Value of a Deferred Income Annuity

In an article for Marketwatch, our own Andrew Murdoch said that "A deferred-income annuity may help you get more cash later." Deferred income annuities have increased in popularity over the past few years. Recently, they were overshadowed in the news by fixed indexed annuities as their popularity soared. While indexed annuities are still popular, there is a slight concern after they were unexpectedly included in the DOL fiduciary rule's BICE guidelines. This might open up the market for... Read More - Prefooter


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