When An Annuity Makes Sense

For those approaching retirement, there are few things more unsettling than a volatile stock market. With the recent wild market swings, conversations between investors and advisors often revolve around protection options, reducing risk and establishing a guaranteed source of income. Because many investors experienced double-digit growth in their portfolios in recent years, now might be the best time to discuss and explore annuity products that provide certainty and guarantees.Annuities... Read More

Securian Offers Four New Annuity Products

Earlier this week, Securian Financial Group announced the addition of four new annuity solutions to its suite of products. The desire for guaranteed retirement income is rapidly growing, creating a need for a variety of products to accommodate clients’ unique situations. Details of the four new products were outlined in a recent BusinessWire press release.SecureLink Future: Fixed Indexed AnnuityDesigned for clients seeking retirement asset growth in addition to the protection of... Read More

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Annuity Riders

There are a lot of different choices when it comes to annuity riders.  In a recent Insurance News Net article, "Choosing the Right Annuity Rider for You," Alex Coppola summarized some of the basic rider options.  Total annuity sales increased nearly 8% from 2012 to 2014.  There are many reasons for this increase, including a volatile market, the higher cost of health care and people living longer lives.  If you are worried about any of these lifestyle factors, annuities can alleviate worry... Read More

Medicaid SPIAs Shelter Savings for Middle Class Couples

Single premium immediate annuity (SPIA) products help shield money for one spouse when the the other has to enter a nursing home for care.  According to Financial Advisor Magazine's "Sales of Nursing Home Annuities Soar", Maureen Nevin Duffy says that these annuities are right for middle income clients.  When one spouse has to enter a long term care facility and the couple does not have long term care insurance, the other spouse will quickly spend down all of their money to pay for this care... Read More

Phoenix’s Next Generation Fixed Indexed Annuity

You still have time to take advantage of a 90 day special offer from The Phoenix Companies Inc. and The Altisure Group.  Their new collaboration on a fixed indexed annuity, the Next Generation Annuity, was introduced at the beginning of this month.  Until June 30 of this year, you can get higher rates on all of the different fixed and index crediting choices.  This new single premium indexed annuity offers a bonus version as well as one without a bonus.  By partnering up for this new... Read More

Using Annuities & Stocks Balances Out Your Retirement

I think that pretty much all legitimate financial experts agree that you shouldn't put all of your financial eggs in the same basket.  Once you have bought an annuity with some of your retirement savings, it allows for more risk with your other money.  In Dorianne Perrucci's Wall Street Journal article, "You Bought An Annuity. Now What?," she talks about how having annuities in your portfolio will change the way you invest the rest of your money.  The guarantees that you get from annuity... Read More

New York Life’s Income Plus Variable Annuity

New York Life's newest annuity is aimed at Baby Boomers who are planning to retire in two years or more.  The Income Plus Variable Annuity provides guaranteed lifetime income for the future and protects your money in volatile markets.  In Plan Adviser's "NY Life Rolls Out Income Plus Variable Annuity," Kristen Heinzinger says that this product is best used as a long term investment.  Not only will it allow you to defer your taxes, it also offers the ability to access your savings and a... Read More

ACLI Opinions On Longevity Annuity Regulations

The American Council of Life Insurers' Jim Szostek testified before the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the IRS regarding longevity annuities.  He said that the ACLI is thrilled with the government's changes to annuities in order to make them easier for Americans to purchase.  Annuities are the only retirement vehicle that can ensure you will not outlive your savings.  The ACLI applauds the government for helping make it easier for Americans to use some of their retirement savings to buy... Read More

Smart Foundation Variable Annuities from Penn Mutual

The Times Union published a press release from Penn Mutual about their new line of variable annuities.  "Penn Mutual's New Smart Foundation Variable Annuities Aim to Grow and Protect Retirement Funds from the Threat of Longevity and Market Volatility."  The Smart Foundation Variable Annuities offer three different products from which to choose as well as multiple benefits that can be added as optional riders.  Penn Mutual has been around for 165 years and has a long commitment to annuities... Read More

Talk to Annuity Expert for Best Advice, Even in 80's

I'm really disappointed in something I recently read in the Daily Local News out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  In a question and answer column with columnist Bruce Williams, someone wrote in asking whether annuities would be a good idea to help them finance their remaining retirement.  Without much inquiry, he dismissed annuities as a viable investment option for the man asking about them.  It's really important to speak with an expert about all of your financial details before ignoring a... Read More

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