Different Retirement Annuity Products Compared to Drawdown

In the article "Retirement income: New strategies should be welcomed," Mark Warshawsky compares some retirement scenarios using different types of annuities.  The Pensions & Investments article points out the importance of a successful retirement strategy, especially for baby boomers heading into retirement.  The government has been stressing the importance of annuities as both the Treasury and Labor Departments have plans to change rules in order to make it easier to use annuities in... Read More

Nearly 3/4 of Americans Have No Retirement Plan

Some scary statistics came out of ING's Retirement Research Institute last year.  A whopping 71% of Americans don't have any kind of formal retirement plan in place.  That's nearly 3/4 of America that either won't be able to retire or will have to struggle financially because they didn't plan ahead.  This is not good news seeing that Americans are living longer than ever and costs are steadily increasing.  This information comes from Financial Planning's Danielle Reed, in her article... Read More

Not Everyone Is Running From Variable Annuities

Sammons Retirement Solutions is moving forward with a new variable annuity despite many carriers steering clear of variable annuities.  Since interest rates have been low and the stock market volatile, insurers like MetLife and Prudential have lessened their variable annuity business.  Sun Life Financial, out of Canada, actually left the variable annuity business altogether.  These companies worry about hedging their living benefit guarantees with a less than ideal financial market.  But... Read More

Fixed Indexed Annuities GAIN 2.7% Despite 24% Market Loss

In "Understand fixed-indexed annuities," James L. Watt of The Coloradoan explains that while fixed indexed annuities are complex products, they can offer you unparalleled market protection.  That author notes that money market funds, 5-year CD's, and both 5- and 10-year U.S. Treasury notes are not even offering returns that can maintain your buying power when they are up.  Fixed indexed annuities are a kind of combination of fixed and variable annuities, offering the best benefits of both... Read More

Compare LTC Annuities Paying 300%

As an alternative to long term care insurance, LTC annuities are becoming increasingly popular.  This information comes from the AdvisorOne article "An Annuity Alternative to LTC Insurance," by Robert Bloink and William H. Byrnes.  LTC insurance helps to pay for long term care should you need it, but it can be difficult for some people to qualify for and is a tough sell since there is a good chance that you'll never use it.  LTC annuities, however, function like a typical deferred annuity... Read More

Top Variable Annuity Sales for MetLife

While they are looking for a huge increase in fixed annuity sales as well, MetLife already holds the top spot in variable annuity sales.  According to Annuity News Journal's Steve Thompson, "MetLife Leads the Way in Variable Annuity Sales."  They have made the customers better deals and while that coupled with a volatile market may hurt their short term earnings, they are not concerned about that for the long term.  The economic crisis of the past two years actually caused a decline in... Read More

History Doesn’t Repeat When You Compare Annuities

According to the National Underwriter article "NAIC Panel: History is Just History" by Allison Bell, history is unlikely to repeat itself in regards to annuities.  The National Association of Insurance Commissioners' Life Insurance and Annuities Committee is working to revise the way that illustrations that compare annuities are shown.  They have what they call an "exposure draft" to revise the Annuity Disclosure Model Regulation.  An exposure draft is one step in the process of revising a... Read More

Compare Equity Linked CDs, Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity Products

In the article "How to Use Annuities for Retirement Income," by Philip Moeller, the author offers 15 bits of information about annuities.  The U.S. News & World Report article confirms that the guaranteed lifetime stream of retirement income offered by annuities is more popular than ever in these uncertain economic times.  One benefit of annuities is the tax deferral savings if you don't take your payments as an immediate annuity.  There is no limit to how much money you can put in an... Read More

Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity Sellers in Preferred Group

Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America introduced a new preferred distribution program last week that those left out of the program are unhappy with.  According to Darla Mercado of Investment News in the article "Allianz Preferred perks strike nerve with agents," agents and marketing groups who are not included in Allianz Preferred are worried that they will lose clients or agents within their groups.  The program gives extra support to top sellers of Allianz's fixed equity indexed... Read More

More People Should Choose Annuity Products

The New York Times article "The Annuity Puzzle," by Richard Thaler, ponders why more people with control over their retirement income do not choose annuities.  The guaranteed lifetime income offered by annuity products seems like a "no-brainer" over other investments where you might run out of money before your death.  But even so, many retirees do not opt for annuities when choosing their retirement vehicles.A few reasons are suggested for why more people are not purchasing 401k annuities... Read More

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