Structured Settlements and the Incentives That Complicate Them

Every year, thousands of individuals are involved in accidents that require years of medical care, often funded by a lump-sum financial settlement. Because it can be extremely challenging to manage such care with an all-cash settlement, many end up settling legal claims with a structured settlement. This means they trade a cash settlement for long-term, tax-free income that is funded by an annuity. It’s a wise decision and encouraged by the federal tax code, but did you know that special... Read More

Seek Reliable Information When Shopping for Annuities

If you ask anyone who is nearing retirement if they’d like a steady stream of guaranteed income during their Golden Years, most would answer with an enthusiastic “YES!” But ask those same people if they’re interested in purchasing a prime source of such income, fixed annuities, and the response changes drastically. Why the discrepancy? Many industry experts blame bad information.According to a recent Kiplinger article, 56% of Americans claim that guaranteed income is their #1... Read More

No-Load Annuity Products Are A Winner After the DOL Rule

There are certainly winners and losers when it comes to the DOL Fiduciary Rule. Although it won't take effect until the beginning of 2018, companies and advisors are working hard so that they comply with the BICE guidelines before the legalities take place. In an article for Forbes Magazine, John Wasik listed his "Four Biggest Winners Under (the) New DOL Rule." With the new guidelines in place, retirement advisors will have to put their clients' best interest at the forefront of any financial... Read More

Why You Should Have An Annuity In Your Retirement Plan

Annuities are a big business, both for advisors and the insurance companies and other channels who sell them. But just because there is money to be made selling annuity products, it doesn't negate the benefits that consumers receive from these products as well. In an article for Main Street, Mark Henricks says that "Buying an Annuity Should be Part of Your Retirement Strategy." From 2010 to 2015, individuals bought more than $1 trillion worth of annuities. 2015 was an especially good year for... Read More

2015 Was a Record Year for Fixed Indexed Annuity Products

After reviewing the final 2015 sales results, fixed indexed annuities had a record year and seem to be continuing their path to eventually overtake variable annuity products as the top selling annuities. Investment News' Greg Iacurci discussed the importance of last year in "Fixed indexed annuities continue their surge with record sales year." Fourth quarter indexed annuity sales of $16.1 billion were the highest ever, besting the previous quarter's record setting $14.3 billion. After those two... Read More

5 Annuity Shopping Tips

Baby Boomers spend nearly a quarter trillion dollars annually on annuities and in so doing mitigate the fear of running out of money in retirement. But many are not careful buyers and sellers, unfortunately, often don’t properly weigh their particular needs. Too often, this means buyers are making poor choices in purchasing what is often one of the biggest investments of their lives.                 Here are five tips that potential annuity buyers should bear in mind before... Read More

Retirement Planning Tool Shows Indexed Annuities In Action

In light of the impending DOL fiduciary rule requiring more accountability from advisors selling annuity products, a new tool from RetireUp could be very helpful to advisors. Investment News' Alessandra Malito talked about this retirement planning tool in the article "RetireUp drags and drops annuities into retirement income planning." RetireUp provides retirement income planning software to advisors. This new tool helps advisors compare annuity products from different insurance companies and... Read More

Annuity Information Abounds Online

There is a wealth of information online to support people interested in purchasing annuity products, as well as the brokers and advisors who sell them. In this advanced technological time, online tools are crucial to the annuity industry and help overall annuity sales. In "Online tools, information, research support annuity sales," LifeHealthPro's Peggy Bresnick gathered a list of some of the most important sites available for this type of research. These online resources can help explain the... Read More

Technology Can Help The Annuity Industry

Despite the recent Department of Labor legislation bringing annuities into the limelight, more needs to be done in the industry to make these products relevant in the minds of Americans. Forbes magazine's Matt Carey and Olivia Mitchell discussed the changes necessary in the annuity industry in the article "DOL Rule Aside, Annuity Market Will Have To Change to Achieve Relevance." Annuities should be top of mind as the population of Baby Boomers ages and fewer Americans have traditional company... Read More

Prudential Introduces Three New Annuity Products

Prudential Annuities has released some new annuity products over the past year and a half.  Each product offers benefits geared towards a specific group of people.  All of the products were designed as alternative ways to save and provide income instead of traditional savings and CDs.  Their newest variable annuity, Prudential Premier Investment, is an investment only product made for investors who are looking for tax protection.  In the Main Street article, "Innovative Variable Annuity... Read More - Prefooter


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