Advisors Should Clear Up Annuity Confusion And Explain Benefits

Annuities are best used to fill gaps between other investments, according to Karen Demasters of Financial Advisor Magazine.  In the article, "Annuities Can Fill Investing Gaps, Advisors Say," she stresses the importance of advisors being educated about the value of annuity products.  Most consumers are confused about all of the different kinds of annuities and the benefits that they have to offer, so it's crucial for advisors to know what products are out there and how they might be able to... Read More

Today’s Jean Chatzky Says to Consider Annuities for Retirement

The Today Show's financial editor Jean Chatzky gets asked a lot of questions about retirement.  She recently held a live Twitter chat to answer retirement questions and her information was broadcast on the show.  In "Jean Chatzky's 3 ways to make money last through retirement," she addressed one of the most common retirement concerns.  People are worried about outliving their savings.  The three ways that she recommends to make your savings last are using annuities, drawing your money down... Read More

Understanding the Complexities of Fixed Indexed Annuities

Fixed indexed annuities have a lot of pieces and parts.  They are more complex than the fixed annuity products that came before them.  In The Aiken Standard article, "On the Money: Equity-indexed annuities are popular but complex," Greg Roberts defines the terms that are associated with fixed indexed annuities and offers basic annuity refreshers.  Annuities are contracts between you and an insurance company.  You purchase this product with a lump sum or a stream of payments and the... Read More

Is a Single Premium Immediate Annuity or a Deferred Income Annuity Best?

Think Advisor's Gil Weinreich recently researched whether single premium immediate annuities or deferred income annuities are better.  In "Which Annuity Is Optimal? SPIAs vs. DIAs," he looked at Morningstar study results that were published in the Journal of Financial Planning.  SPIAs have been popular for a long time because they offer a higher return and income guarantees that you don't see with many other annuity products.  DIAs are a much newer product, but seem poised to overtake the... Read More

Consider Variable Annuity Benefits, Not Only Drawbacks

Hate is a strong word.  A lot of people say that they hate annuities without knowing much about them or considering the positives and negatives.  I recently wrote about the National Association for Fixed Annuities' response to some negative annuity advice given by Dave Ramsey.  Along the same lines, Marketwatch's Amit Chopra wants to offer the whole picture to people who have seen Ken Fisher's "I hate annuities" advertisement.  In the article, "Peace of mind doesn't come cheap, nor should... Read More

Compare Fixed Rate and Fixed Indexed Annuities

Although fixed indexed annuities are the most popular type of fixed annuity product right now, basic fixed rate annuities are still a good product if you are looking for retirement income guarantees.  They are simpler and don't have all of the bells and whistles of fixed indexed annuities, but fixed rate annuities cost less and offer the basic benefits that many people are looking for.  In Stan Haithcock's Marketwatch article, "Which 'fixed' annuity can fix your retirement?", he does an... Read More

Pros and Cons of Annuity Products

Annuity products offer many different guarantees.  The different types of annuities have different features and options to help you meet your own personal financial goals.  Some guarantees work great for one person, but are not right for another person.  In "Differentiating Annuity Guarantees," The Ledger's Chas. P. Smith offers up the pros and cons of fixed annuity, variable annuity and indexed annuity guarantees.  Keep in mind that the benefits of any type of investment always come with a... Read More

Know the Details of Your Variable Annuity

In CNBC's article "4 things you really need to know about your variable annuity," Elizabeth MacBride offers important information about variable annuity products.  Sometimes this type of annuity gets a bad rap, but for the right person variable annuities offer great benefits.  The amount of money invested in variable annuities has grown to $1.7 trillion.  Variable annuities are like mutual funds that are issued through an insurance company.  You take advantage of tax-deferral during the... Read More

401k Annuities May Be the Future of Retirement Plans

Bankrate's Jennie L. Phipps asked if annuities are the future of retirement plans in her article "Annuities the Next Big Retirement Option?".  We're well aware, especially those of us who are working, that our savings will have to carry us through retirement.  The majority of companies no longer offer pensions at retirement that will pay monthly income for the rest of our lives.  This is why the Department of Labor asked for input regarding annuities in retirement plans a couple of years... Read More

SPIAs & DIAs Are Good Lifetime Income Strategies, According to USA Today

In an excellent special article for USA Today, Robert Powell gives us the best "Ways to avoid outliving your income."  Since we don't know when we will die, retirement finance planning is tricky.  We have to plan for our life expectancy and the life expectancy of our spouse for those who are married.  Important planning has to be done so that we can manage longevity risk and maintain our lifestyle as long as we live.  In addition to planning for our income needs, we also need to plan for... Read More - Prefooter


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