Annuity Sales Soar for Western-Southern

Standard & Poor's gives Western & Southern Financial an AA+ rating, putting it in the top 10 life insurance companies, according to The Business Courier of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Western-Southern is on track to set a record for their increasing annuity sales this year.  If their first quarter fixed and variable annuity sales keep stride, they will have an increase of 26% from 2008.  And 2008's sales were up 59% from 2007, so another large increase is fantastic.  Their CEO John Barrett... Read More

Fixed Annuities Updated For Longer Living

Deferred fixed annuity sales grew by close to 60% last year, according to an article by Janet Kidd Stewart in the Chicago Tribune.  It's really no surprise as life expectancies continue to rise and many people's life savings dwindle.  Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company actually has a calculator on their website to estimate your life expectancy, which can help determine how long you need to finance.  A one-time lump sum investment is paid out monthly starting at a date in the future... Read More

Annuities are a Great Way to Expand Savings

Americans are saving more than ever and annuity products give the flexibility and guaranteed retirement income they seek for those savings.  For the first time since the beginning of 1995, Americans' personal rate of savings have skyrocketed to 5.7%.  This report comes from Jeannine Aversa with the Associated Press.  Americans are spending a little less and saving a lot more as their income finally began to grow in May after a stagnant April.  Although economists had forecasted a .2%... Read More

Fixed Indexed Annuities

How can you maintain a conservative investment approach while reaping potential benefits from financial markets?  Fixed Indexed Annuities might be a great option for you.  FIAs are tied to market performance, usually the S&P 500, and have higher returns than bonds, CDs and money market accounts most of the time.  The point of an FIA is to exceed fixed market performance rather than beating the financial markets, like a variable annuity.Your principal is safe from losses in the stock... Read More

Annuity Withdrawal Advice

People everywhere are finding themselves in need of money fast due to difficult economic times.  The CEO and President of NAVA, The Association for Insured Retirement Solutions, Cathy Weatherford has advice for people in this situation.  Before taking any action, consider the following tips.Talk to your financial advisor to discuss all of your options before tapping into retirement funds Remember why you purchased your annuity in the first place-security and lifetime guaranteed income. ... Read More

Fixed Annuity Sales Results

According to a press release by Beacon Research, fixed annuity sales estimates in the U.S. for the first quarter of this year were $34.9 billion.  The Fixed Annuity Premium Study comprised of data from 53 insurance companies, which account for about 86% of this market.  This sales number was not only the highest since 2003 when the study was first completed, but was also 78% higher than the same quarter last year.The four types of annuities assessed ranked in sales high to low starting... Read More

Immediate Annuity Benefits

There are many advantages in choosing an immediate annuity as part of your retirement portfolio.  You can start collecting monthly checks as soon as a month after purchasing the annuity.  This money is guaranteed for the term of the annuity; there are many options for term length.  It can be a specified amount of time, your lifetime, your spouses lifetime, and even a specified time frame for inheritants to receive payments after your death.  Tax-deferral is another benefit.  Annuities are... Read More

Annuities as Retirement Income

There are a few factors to consider when weighing your option of annuities for retirement income.  Fixed and variable annuities are the two main types offered.  With a fixed annuity, you receive interest based on contract terms with the insurance company where you purchased the annuity.  You then receive payments over the time frame specified: a certain number of years, your life, you and your spouse's life, or your life with a minimum amount of years included.You receive payments the... Read More

Charity-Gift Annuities…prudent or illogical?

There has been talk lately that gift annuities are not turning out to be the sound investments they should be.  An article in the Personal Journal earlier this month highlighted large problems with two charities going under and not paying annuity payments to the donors.  Basically, a charity or gift annuity is similar to other annuities, but when the donor passes away all remaining monies are left to help the charity continue its services to the community.Unfortunately, this article with... Read More

Fixed & Immediate Annuities Soar in Popularity

For the first time in awhile, fixed annuities are selling better than variable annuities.  It's no wonder with a financial marketplace that has been less than stable recently.  New York Life sells more immediate fixed annuities than anyone; they have seen an 80% increase in those sales from first quarter 2008 to 2009.  Even more amazing than that is MetLife's deferred fixed annuity sales growth.  These sales have increased 12,000% from 2008 to 2009.  That is almost unbelievable.So why... Read More - Prefooter


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