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Leading Annuity Provider Updates Products


According to a recent press release, leading financial services company, AXA Equitable Life has just released an enhanced version of Retirement Cornerstone®, its multi-stage variable annuity. Updates to its market-leading structured annuity, Structured Capital Strategies®, were also announced. Both were developed to help clients build wealth and create protected lifetime income, all while mitigating risk and keeping pace with inflation. 

“With these new enhancements we are providing a way for people to weather changing market dynamics while accumulating wealth for the future,” said Kevin Kennedy, Head of Individual Retirement, AXA Equitable Life. “Variable annuities play an integral role in helping people to create lifetime income and retire with dignity. These new offerings are the latest examples of our track record of innovation in this area.” 

Retirement Cornerstone® 19 provides 5% guaranteed growth on the income base, with an opportunity for up to 8% growth based on Treasury rates. This was designed to provide investors with income that can keep up with rising costs of living in retirement as well as inflation.

The updates to its market-leading structured annuity, Structured Capital Strategies®, include the ability to invest on a one-year basis with tax deferral and growth potential up to a cap. This product is a variable and index-linked deferred annuity. The new benefit gives investors the flexibility to realize potential returns or partial downside protection more quickly.

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