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Security Benefit Expands Variable Annuity Offerings


One of the leaders in the U.S. retirement savings market, Security Benefit, has just announced the expansion of the underlying fund options they have available within the ElightDesigns Suite of Variable Annuities. According to a recent EconoTimes article, the additions bring the total number of fund options with the EliteDesigns products to 313.

In an effort to broaden the scope of investment options available in both the EliteDesigns and EliteDesigns II variable annuities, nine new funds have been added. They include eight TOPS® funds, five of which are goal-based strategies that range from conservative to aggressive based on risk tolerances. The other three are goal-based managed risk strategies. The ninth new fund is a rules-based, non-correlating strategy to manage volatility from Rational Advisors. The new offers include:

  • TOPS® Conservative ETF
  • TOPS® Balanced ETF
  • TOPS® Moderate Growth ETF
  • TOPS® Growth ETF
  • TOPS® Aggressive Growth ETF


  • TOPS® Managed Risk Balanced ETF
  • TOPS® Managed Risk Growth ETF
  • TOPS® Managed Risk Moderate Growth ETF


  • Rational Dynamic Momentum VA Fund

The funds are managed by ValMark Advisers, Inc., and are exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which offer greater transparency and potential to reduce cash drag when compared to mutual funds. The Rational Dynamic Momentum fund is available exclusively through the EliteDesigns Suite of Variable Annuities and employs multiple quantitative trading systems that use different frames for analyzing and identifying trends with an emphasis on capital preservation.

“Properly planning for retirement demands a diverse mix of investments, including passive and active strategies, as well as strategies to manage portfolio volatility,” President of Distribution at Security Benefit, David Byrnes. “These additions to the EliteDesigns Suite of Variable Annuities give clients more tax-deferred, risk-mitigating investment options as they navigate their way To and Through Retirement®.”

The EliteDesigns Suite of Variable Annuities feature tax-free transfers, no redemption fees on the majority of its actively managed strategies and no surrender or withdrawal charges or annual policy fees. The goal is to provide a variable annuity that helps clients manage their tax drag on investment income.

Written by Rachel Summit

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