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Structured Variable Annuities

Articles & Reviews

Amid Difficult Stock and Bond Markets, Here is Some Financial Guidance for Retirees

Investments in MYGAs, FIAs and structured annuities make sense today. At least they have a good shot at faring better than average today, in their respective categories, and that’s about all a savvy investor can ask for. What investors should not do at this time …

Product Review | Athene Amplify 2.0

Amplify 2.0 is a six-year investment, but its owners can invest for one or two years at a time, if they so choose, in some of its index offerings, including the S&P 500. Amplify 2.0 gives owners some downside market protection but also offers unusually …

Structured Variable Annuities Are Looking Particularly Attractive Today

A good structured annuity is a promising investment and one that shouldn’t keep you awake at night. Prospective annuity buyers may consider the purchase of one of the three best structured annuities on the market – Athene Amplify, Equitable Structured Capital Strategies PLUS, and Brighthouse …

Retirees Must Inevitably Face Scary Stock Markets

One step adventuresome folks might take, even if it involves selling stock positions at a loss, is looking into a structured variable (buffered) annuity. Buffered annuities are roughly similar to fixed indexed annuities with one notable exception – they pay markedly higher index participation rates …

Product Review:
AXA Structured Capital Strategies PLUS

“This product offers more upside potential than FIAs with only limited downside risk,” says one annuity watcher familiar with the product. “If you do not need 100% downside protection, you could get much more upside potential with this product.” By and large, annuity owners are …

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