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New Portfolio Choice with MetLife’s Variable Annuities

MetLife’s Protected Growth Strategies products have a new portfolio from which to choose.  They issued an informative release published on 4-traders entitled “Metlife Inc: MetLife Adds the MetLife Multi-Index Targeted Risk Portfolio to Its Protected Growth Strategies Lineup.”  This lineup is an option with MetLife’s …

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Prudential & AIG Pick Up MetLife’s Variable Annuity Business

As MetLife scales back on their variable annuities, other companies are picking up the market share.  According to Bloomberg Business News’ “Prudential Joins AIG Taking Annuities Share From MetLife,” Zachary Tracer says that Prudential and AIG are the main companies who have capitalized on MetLife’s …

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Variable Annuities at a Seventeen Year High

Variable annuity assets increased by the largest margin in 17 years in the second quarter of 2009, according to Andrew Frye of Bloomberg.com.  His article “Variable Annuity Assets Advance Most in 17 Years,” lists the main reasons as a stock market rise and an increase …

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