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The Good and Bad of the Annuity Business in 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s a good time to evaluate what you’ve done over the year and see what changes you’d like to make for 2014.  This is true for annuities too.  Stan Haithcock evaluated annuities right before Christmas for his Marketwatch article, …

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Annuity Options Upgraded for Your Benefit

Symetra Life Insurance Company is the latest provider of annuities to upgrade its options, according to “Symetra enhances its Freedom Income Annuity offering” on IFA web news.  With the Freedom Income Annuity offering, purchasers previously had to start their payments at age 70 when using …

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New Variable Annuity from John Hancock

According to “John Hancock Releases Retail Variable Annuity” by Rebecca Moore from Plan Advisor, this new annuity has fewer costs associated with it and is quite simple in comparison to other variable annuities. AnnuityNote has 5 main benefits for the purchaser.  The first is a …

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