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You Can Get A 6.76% Immediate Annuity Rate

Are you one of the people who don’t think you can get any good annuity rates right now?  The AARP recently sent out some advertising for an immediate annuity rate of 6.5%.  While that is not a bad rate, we were able to find better.  …

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AARP: Variable Annuities with Living Benefits

I just read a very real review of variable annuities with living benefits from the AARP.  In Jane Bryant Quinn’s article “Buying Your Own Pension,” she says that while these variable annuities can be costly, they can also be worth the wealth of benefits which …

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New York Life Sells Over $1 Billion Of Income Annuities in 2008

The Retirement Income Reporter recently published an article highlighting New York Life Insurance Company’s selling a total of $1.2 billion of income annuities during 2008.  About $850 million was sold through New York Life’s own career agency. Over $100 million worth of AARP Lifetime Income …

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