No-Load Annuity Products Are A Winner After the DOL Rule

There are certainly winners and losers when it comes to the DOL Fiduciary Rule. Although it won't take effect until the beginning of 2018, companies and advisors are working hard so that they comply with the BICE guidelines before the legalities take place. In an article for Forbes Magazine, John Wasik listed his "Four Biggest Winners Under (the) New DOL Rule." With the new guidelines in place, retirement advisors will have to put their clients' best interest at the forefront of any financial... Read More

More No-Load Annuities to Come

A big concern for annuity naysayers is the lack of liquidity with some annuity products.  While the money put into an annuity is actually good left there as insurance that you will have lifetime income, I appreciate the fact that some people just want access to their money no matter what.  In Stan Haithcock's Marketwatch article, "Fee-killing no-load annuities are pro consumer," he talks about the consumer benefits of no-load annuities and the new trend pointing towards more of these... Read More

Basic Questions Help Determine Your Best Annuity

Annuities do a good job of solving problems faced by most retirees.  In Investor's Business Daily, Paul Katzeff helps consumers determine "How To Select An Annuity That's Right For You."  Whether you are looking for a fixed income that won't change with the markets, death benefits to leave your children, or guaranteed income that will last for the rest of your life, there is a type of annuity that will meet your needs.  The article points out that there are costs that come with these... Read More

Six Low-Cost Variable Annuities

Annuity FYI just added a new page with information about some of the best low-cost variable annuities available right now.  I thought it was important to summarize this information on the blog as well because we are constantly asked about low-cost variable annuities.  Do they exist?  Are they any good?  Yes, there are definitely a lot of good low-cost variable annuities to be found.  It doesn't mean they are the best product for your needs just because they are low-cost, but there is a... Read More

Advisors Help With 401k Annuities & Rollovers

According to a recent survey, investors are quite uncertain with the retirement issues surrounding them and could use more help from advisors.  Danielle Andrus of Advisor One says that many people are not happy with the support offered from their employer's retirement plan in her article "Unsatisfied and Uncertain--Investors Need Advisors' Help: Retirement Report Roundup."  Cogent Research's study of investors found that more than half were unhappy with their current situation and need... Read More

Real World Scenarios: Annuity Fees and Value

Our series of Real World Scenarios continues: The guy on the radio says to buy the Vanguard annuity, and that it is the best because the fees are so low. What should I do? I don’t know that he said it was the best, but I’ll take your word for it. I’ve heard several people on the radio and read several newsletters making similar claims, and personally it bothers me when I hear it. Vanguard is a very good company in my opinion, and second-to-none when it... Read More

Principium II Variable Annuity from Transamerica

Just over a year ago Transamerica Life Insurance Company introduced the Prinicipium II variable annuity product, according to an August 25 company press release entitled "Transamerica's Principium II Variable Annuity Continues to Gain Market Share."  The product is marketed as a lower-cost variable annuity that has ETF-based sub-accounts, is easy to understand, and offers optional benefits in line with Transamerica's other products.  Transamerica believes itself to be one of the first... Read More

New Vanguard Variable Annuity With Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit Coming Soon

According to the Retirement Income Reporter, Vanguard is planning to launch a new variable annuity that features a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit. The firm has filed an application with the Security and Exchange Commission for their approval.The GLWB rider is expected to have a 1% fee, although exact fees and payout rates are unknown. Vanguard claims that this new annuity will be like its no-load, no surrender-fee variable annuity, except with a lifetime income benefit tacked... Read More

Immediate Annuities: Best Kept Secret

On The Huffington Post, Dan Solin writes that immediate annuities are a less publicized yet suitable investment for retirees or those about to retire. He cites evidence that people who invest in an immediate annuity as part of their retirement portfolio are less likely to outlive their savings, a big concern for baby boomers.Several companies offer immediate annuities, including:Vanguard Fidelity Charles Schwab TIAA-CREFWhile these products can be appropriate for many... Read More

Kiplinger’s: Don’t Worry About AIG Annuities

In Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine, Kimberly Lankford advised individuals with annuities or life insurance policies from AIG to sit tight. Despite the well-publicized struggles of its other divisions, the life insurance subsidiaries are mostly unaffected and currently have an A rating from A.M. Best (under review with negative implications).  State capital requirements mean that AIG has enough money in reserve to pay claims.Variable annuities from AIG (e.g. the Vanguard variable... Read More - Prefooter


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