SPIAs & DIAs Are Good Lifetime Income Strategies, According to USA Today

In an excellent special article for USA Today, Robert Powell gives us the best "Ways to avoid outliving your income."  Since we don't know when we will die, retirement finance planning is tricky.  We have to plan for our life expectancy and the life expectancy of our spouse for those who are married.  Important planning has to be done so that we can manage longevity risk and maintain our lifestyle as long as we live.  In addition to planning for our income needs, we also need to plan for... Read More

8 Bits of Financial Advice for Your Future Retirement

The fact that many Americans are living a longer life brings some consequences along with it.  As we live longer and think about living longer, we increase our stress over finances and health in the future.  The concern about living longer than our money lasts is a very real one, one that many people try to combat with annuities.  Stressors in retirement are very real because many Americans have not saved enough money, health care costs are going up as we age and need more care, and the... Read More

Are TIPS Right for You? Probably!

In "Feeling TIPSy", Kerry Pechter wrote about the value of Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) in the Retirement Income Journal.  TIPS are a form of insurance against inflation that is sponsored by the government.  The principal of these securities is indexed to the inflation rate and their purpose is to let the government take on some of the inflation risk for investors with fixed income.  The price of TIPS was all over the place last year since investors didn't know what way... Read More

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