Amid Difficult Stock and Bond Markets, Here is Some Financial Guidance for Retirees

Investments in MYGAs, FIAs and structured annuities make sense today. At least they have a good shot at faring better than average today, in their respective categories, and that’s about all a savvy investor can ask for.  What investors should not do at this time is wring their hands amid uncertain prospects and sit on the sidelines.If you have been distressed lately about your financial investments, you’re hardly alone. Both the stock and bond markets are in a... Read More

Product Review | Athene Amplify 2.0

Amplify 2.0 is a six-year investment, but its owners can invest for one or two years at a time, if they so choose, in some of its index offerings, including the S&P 500. Amplify 2.0 gives owners some downside market protection but also offers unusually generous participation rates, as well as more variety in investment options.If anything is abundantly obvious in the financial sector in 2022, it’s that the stock market isn’t performing anything like it did in 2021... Read More

Structured Variable Annuities Are Looking Particularly Attractive Today

A good structured annuity is a promising investment and one that shouldn’t keep you awake at night. Prospective annuity buyers may consider the purchase of one of the three best structured annuities on the market – Athene Amplify, Equitable Structured Capital Strategies PLUS, and Brighthouse Shield Level Select 6.If you’re scratching your head more so than usual this summer regarding which, if any, annuity to buy, you’re in good company, especially now that the... Read More

Annuity Sales Trends

If you watch financial news headlines you may have seen recent stories about a slump in annuity sales. However, the downturn, which many attribute to historic low interest rates, hasn’t affected all annuity products. In fact, products designed to protect against market volatility with an opportunity for slight gains in economic turmoil have favored well, according to a recent Financial Planning article. Compared to last year’s numbers, both fixed-rate deferred annuities, such as... Read More

Product Review: Athene Amplify

Athene Amplify offers buyers both “buffers” and “floors”, investors can pick one or the other with different levels of protection or combine them. A buffer – a 10% buffer is most common – protects investors from the first 10 percentage point decline in the underlying index. Should the S&P 500, for example, decline 20%, their loss is only 10%. If the S&P 500 declines 9% one year, Athene Amplify owners who choose this buffer lose nothing. Just in case you didn’t... Read More

Voya Financial and the Buffer Annuity Comeback

A little less than two years ago, Voya Financial exited the buffer annuity market, but with a recent resurgence in popularity, they have now announced a re-entry with the launch of a new product.“I think we just came to the market too early for it,” said Carolyn Johnson, CEO of annuities and individual life at Voya in a recent InvestmentNews article.Voya originally launched PotentialPLUS, its former buffer annuity, in 2014 before closing it in October 2015.  “In hindsight,... Read More

Should Structured Product Annuities Be Classified as Variable or Fixed?

Voya Financial is now the fifth company to start offering structured product annuities.  AXA Equitable, Allianz Life, CUNA Mutual and MetLife already offer these so-called hybrid or buffered annuity products.  Structured product annuities are so new and unique that regulators are having a difficult time classifying them.  Investment News' Darla Mercado talks about the struggle for regulators in the article "Structured product annuities pose challenges for regulators."  Structured annuities... Read More - Prefooter


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