Immediate Annuities Meet A Variety of Needs

Retirement planning expert Walter Updegrave has written multiple books and articles about retirement and investing in our current economic conditions. He recently wrote an article for CNN Money about "How to get guaranteed retirement income for life." A reader asked about using immediate annuities to create lifetime income and Mr. Updegrave offered up information about immediate annuity products and tips on how to determine if they are right for your personal retirement planning. Many Americans... Read More

Income Annuities Follow the Shared Resource Trend

Sharing resources has become very trendy over the past few years. Although this kind of philosophy is what our ancient ancestors did just to survive, it seems like we've recently realized the benefits of shared resources. Some examples of this newfound philosophy are Uber, Airbnb, Kickstarter and food collaboratives. Income annuities are another example of sharing resources. Financial expert Moshe Milevsky has compared annuities to tontines, the old sharing economy, for years. But now that... Read More

Don’t Ignore Fixed Annuities Because of Low Interest Rates

Although fixed annuity rates are historically low, fixed annuity products still carry value and may provide some financial stability to retirees. In The Motley Fool’s “Fixed Annuity Rates: Dependable Monthly Income,” article author Jordan Wathen refers to fixed annuity products as the “reverse” of a life insurance policy, which pays a benefit upon your death.(1) In contrast, you purchase an immediate annuity to provide monthly income payments that will continue for as long as you... Read More

The Truth About Common Annuity Myths

Stan "The Annuity Man" Haithcock works hard advocating for the annuity industry and educating the general public about annuity misconceptions.  In one of his latest articles for Marketwatch, "Busting the most enduring annuity myths," he talked about six annuity myths that just won't go away.  The main problem with the annuity myths that are floating around and being spread as facts is that people are missing out on a product that might help them retire comfortably without the worry of running... Read More

A Fixed Annuity with Living Benefits from New York Life

New York Life Insurance Company released a unique fixed annuity product last October without any introduction or fanfare.  This deferred fixed annuity is one of the first to offer guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits comparable to those of variable annuities and indexed annuities.  This information comes from Darla Mercado's Investment News article "New York Life raises the living benefit stakes - on a fixed annuity."  The Clear Income fixed rate annuity performs like a traditional fixed... Read More

Don’t Make These 10 Annuity Shopping Mistakes

Stan "The Annuity Man" Haithcock makes an annuity video for us weekly where he rants about certain aspects of the insurance industry.  In his recent Marketwatch article, "Top 10 mistakes by annuity shoppers", he offers advice to help consumers buy an annuity rather than being sold a product that isn't right for them.  You have to focus on what is important to you when looking at an annuity product and tune out sales pitches by celebrities and others who really don't know about the... Read More

Important Annuity Information From the IRI

I recently blogged about seven important facts from the IRI Fact Book 2014.  Life Health Pro's Warren S. Hersch has been summarizing the 200 page report so that we can get the most important annuity and retirement information.  In "7 facts about annuities you should know," Mr. Hersch discussed some more of the timeliest data and trends related to annuities.  The IRI researched how consumers feel about and use annuity products, specific trends related to Baby Boomers and women in Generation... Read More

Your Annuity Choice Can Make Or Break Your Future

When used the right way, annuities are a great way to create income and protect your money in retirement.  They can also be complicated products, so it's important to ensure that you are purchasing the best annuity for your personal financial planning.  In the Forbes Magazine article "Annuities: How To Protect Yourself And Get a Good Income," Larry Light summarizes advice from certified financial planner Jeff Rose.  He says that one of the most important things to remember is that annuities... Read More

Evaluate Annuity Riders Before Adding Them

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to annuities.  Some of the simplest annuities don't have riders attached and are fairly inexpensive.  The more riders that you add to your annuity product, the more you will pay.  When purchasing an annuity, you have to weigh the benefits with the costs for each particular product.  In "Annuity Riders May Have Benefits, Extra Costs" by Chas. P. Smith of The Ledger, the pros and cons of adding these riders are discussed.  Annuity riders... Read More

Know the Details of Your Variable Annuity

In CNBC's article "4 things you really need to know about your variable annuity," Elizabeth MacBride offers important information about variable annuity products.  Sometimes this type of annuity gets a bad rap, but for the right person variable annuities offer great benefits.  The amount of money invested in variable annuities has grown to $1.7 trillion.  Variable annuities are like mutual funds that are issued through an insurance company.  You take advantage of tax-deferral during the... Read More - Prefooter


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