Many New Players in the Fixed Indexed Annuity Game

Before the final DOL ruling which included indexed annuities in the BICE rule requirements, indexed annuity products were the hottest news in the annuity industry. Sales skyrocketed in 2015 and many companies who weren't big players in the industry before came onto the scene strong. Insurance News Net's Cyril Tuohy wrote about the top selling companies and channels in the article "Crashing The FIA Party: Not Just The Top Companies Driving Growth." It remains to be seen what will happen in the... Read More

Indexed Annuity Sales Winners and Losers

2015 was a record breaking sales year for fixed indexed annuity products, especially in the fourth quarter. Nationwide Financial and AIG had the largest gains last year in indexed annuity sales. Investment News' Greg Iacurci summarized last years winners and losers in the article "Nationwide, AIG see huge gains in fixed indexed annuity sales; Allianz and Security Benefit flounder." 2015's record sales hit $54.5 billion, partly because of continued low interest rates, market volatility, and... Read More

Increasing Payouts for Variable Annuity Lifetime Income Riders

Variable annuities have not been getting a lot of positive attention recently. Between the companies who have stopped selling variable annuity products altogether to the others who have dropped lifetime income guarantees and other features, it's been a tough go for the variable annuity industry. Declining variable annuity sales have hurt overall annuity sales totals as well. But Nationwide remains committed to the variable annuity industry. They have increased the payout on two different... Read More

Indexed Annuities Poised to Have a Good Year

Last year was a great year for indexed annuities.  If the rest of the year follows the trend set by the first quarter, 2015 will also be a good year for the indexed annuity industry.  LifeHealthPro's Daniel Williams talked about what happened with indexed annuities in the first quarter in the article "Indexed annuity sales off to strong start in 2015."The total fixed indexed annuity sales during the first quarter were more than $1.3 billion.  This was a 5% decline from sales during the... Read More

Allianz Life’s Essential Income 7 Indexed Annuity Included in Wells Fargo’s Platform

Allianz Life is the latest insurer to join Wells Fargo's new indexed annuity platform.  The purpose of this platform is to highlight simpler indexed annuities that have lower commissions.  Darla Mercado of Investment News wrote about this new addition to the platform in the article "Allianz joins Wells Fargo's new indexed annuity platform."  The other insurers already involved in Wells Fargo's platform include AIG, Pacific Life, Symetra, Great American and Nationwide.  A few weeks ago,... Read More

Nationwide’s MarketFLEX Variable Annuities Offer More Investment Options

It's really interesting what a difference a year makes.  Most of the talk about variable annuities last year was negative because companies had stopped selling them or offered to buy back any generous guarantees.  But the variable annuity news of late has been pretty good, with a return to living benefits from some insurers and new product offerings from others.  Insurance News Net published a press release from Nationwide Financial that introduces some new options with the insurance... Read More

Nationwide Financial Introduces “New Heights” Indexed Annuity

***UPDATE: Indexed annuities have become very popular in recent years. Check out the current top rates and new products, as well as latest articles and guides, here. ***Yesterday I wrote about the benefits of fixed indexed annuities and what the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council wants Americans to know about them.  There is a new fixed indexed annuity on the market now and it has one main difference from many of the others.  Nationwide Financial is now selling an indexed annuity called... Read More

Many Companies Made Variable Annuity Changes Recently

Last month brought about a lot of changes to the annuity market, as May often does.  In Darla Mercado's Investment News article, "It must be May in VA-land: Payout cuts, price hikes, new products," she writes about all of the variable annuity changes common to the month of May.  Changes over the past couple of years have been consistent.  Fees are higher, equity market risk is lower, and living benefits are not offered up as they used to be.  Many companies who sell variable annuities have... Read More

Variable Annuities Adapting to Changing Times

I was attracted to this article immediately because of the title, "Bruised, But Not Broken."  I think that is such a great description of the state of variable annuities right now.  Financial Advisor's Karen Demasters says that consumers need not worry that variable annuities are going to disappear.  Even though many insurance companies have either left the variable annuity business or slimmed down their product offerings, many more remain and are excited about what variable annuities have... Read More

No-Load Variable Annuity Expansion from Nationwide

You will now be able to get more from Nationwide Financial when it comes to alternative types of annuities.  Nationwide is taking their fee-based and alternative annuities and joining the products with their traditional annuity offerings.  Many people will be able to benefit from this transition within Nationwide, according to Plan Adviser's Jill Cornfield.  In "Nationwide Expands Annuities Distribution," we learn that this will help advisors better meet their clients' needs and help clients... Read More - Prefooter


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