New Enhanced Annuity Benefits from Lincoln Financial Group

In an effort to add more flexible investment requirements and increased income payouts, Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE: LNC) recently announced enhancements to its flagship Lincoln ChoicePlus AssuranceSM and American Legacy® variable annuity products. Details were described in a recent Business Wire press release. “Generating income in retirement is harder than ever, and we’re committed to delivering solutions that help bridge the gap between retirement savings and income needs,”... Read More

Six Different Living Benefit Rider Guarantees

Guaranteed income is in high demand right now. That is why many people are turning to annuity products with guaranteed income riders to ensure that they don't run out of money during their retirement. In "6 annuity guaranteed minimum living benefit riders," LIfeHealthPro's Kristen Beckman explains six of the most popular living benefit riders available. Before the first GMLB (guaranteed minimum living benefit) products were introduced two decades ago, annuity principal was only protected upon... Read More

Employees Want Guaranteed Income From In-Plan Annuities

Prudential Financial recently released a report about the use of annuities in retirement plans, entitled "The Ease of Automation and Guaranteed Retirement Income." Research for the study was performed last summer on full time workers who had access to a defined contribution retirement plan of some sort. Insurance News Net's Cyril Tuohy summarized the findings in the article "Study: Annuities Sell Themselves if Promoted." It's hard to believe that only 4% of defined contribution plans offer... Read More

Read This Before You Exchange Your Variable Annuity

There are many reasons why you might consider exchanging your variable annuity product. You might be looking for a better deal, your needs might have changed, or perhaps your insurance company is initiating a variable annuity exchange. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of details to look into before you make the final decision to exchange your annuity. MetLife Securities Inc. was recently fined $20 million by FINRA because of the way they represented their variable annuity products. The... Read More

Three Benefits are Drawing People to Indexed Annuities

Our own Andrew Murdoch, also President of Somerset Wealth Strategies, wrote an article for Marketwatch to explain "Why fixed indexed annuities are strong sellers." Sometimes fixed indexed annuities are described in a too good to be true way. Yes, they offer principal protection while still exposing your money to stock market gains. But keep in mind that you won't take advantage of total stock market gains because your money is not only linked to an index, but often subject to caps and... Read More

Fixed Annuities Offer Special Benefits

Fixed annuity products can be a great financial tool for your retirement plan.  They have a lot of benefits to offer, especially for investors who are conservative.  Fixed annuities allow you to build your wealth and protect those assets while they are growing at a fixed rate of return.  Many people are still reeling from losing money over the past decade and are searching for safety and guarantees.  Fixed annuities can provide that security that people are looking for.  LifeHealthPro's... Read More

MetLife’s Back With New FlexChoice Variable Annuity GLWB

MetLife was a big player in the variable annuity game for years, but they scaled back on their benefits in the recent past to make up for some turmoil in the markets.  They are back in the game now with a new variable annuity guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit rider.  In "MetLife gets back in the variable-annuity-with-living-benefits game," Investment News' Darla Mercado introduces MetLife's new living benefits rider.  This new GLWB rider is called FlexChoice and was released in the... Read More

Consumers Value Guaranteed Lifetime Income, But Don’t Know Where To Get It

In the Benefits Pro "Clueless about guaranteed lifetime income," Marlene Y. Satter says that Americans know very little about guaranteeing lifetime income with annuity products.  CANNEX and Greenwald & Associates recently performed a study to see what Americans know about lifetime income sources.  The first thing they found was that Americans want and need sources of retirement income.  Most people know about the lifetime income they will receive from Social Security.  While that is an... Read More

There Are Many Options for Turning Your Annuity Into an Income Stream

Believe it or not, there are many ways to create a stream of income from your annuity.  In Marketwatch's "The 6 best ways to collect on your annuity," Stan Haithcock tells us what he thinks are the best ways to annuitize.  The first annuities, dating back hundreds of years, were immediate annuities that created an income stream after you made a lump sum payment.  Most deferred annuities can also be annuitized now to create income that lasts for a certain time frame or for the rest of your... Read More

Important Annuity Information From the IRI

I recently blogged about seven important facts from the IRI Fact Book 2014.  Life Health Pro's Warren S. Hersch has been summarizing the 200 page report so that we can get the most important annuity and retirement information.  In "7 facts about annuities you should know," Mr. Hersch discussed some more of the timeliest data and trends related to annuities.  The IRI researched how consumers feel about and use annuity products, specific trends related to Baby Boomers and women in Generation... Read More - Prefooter


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