Consumers Want Guaranteed Lifetime Income Options in DC Plans

Americans are looking for lifetime income and providers are responding to this demand with new and improved products for defined contribution plans. In Plan Sponsor's "Providers Respond to Participants' Call for Lifetime Income," John Manganaro talked about how the retirement income industry is evolving. Both insurance companies and asset managers have been working to improve products for investors looking to guarantee a lifetime stream of income from their defined contribution plans. A recent... Read More

Should Anyone Buy a Variable Annuity?

There is a lot of money invested in variable annuities right now, close to $140 billion actually.  But there are quite a few variable annuity haters out there as well.  Since variable annuity products have a lot of moving parts, it's important to know what is involved before purchasing one.  Marketwatch's Stephen Williams wrote an article to help people determine "How to know if a variable annuity is right for you."  Variable annuity haters say that the products are too complicated and too... Read More

2015’s Annuity Trends: Income Annuities and VAs w/out GLBs

LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute recently performed a lot of research in preparation for the annual Retirement Industry Conference that they co-sponsor.  They found two significant trends in the individual annuity industry.  This information comes from Linda Koco's Insurance News Net's article, "Today's Rising Annuity Stars: Non GLBs, Income Annuities."  In just three years, the number of variable annuities sold with GLBs went down 28%.  In the same time frame from 2011-2014, the number of... Read More

Annuities Are Constantly Adapting

As we near the end of January (can you believe it?), people are already starting to look at the forecasted annuity trends for 2015 to see what is proving to be true.  In LifeHealthPro's article, "Annuity trends: 2015 and beyond," Adam Cufr took a look at the recent past and predicted future of the annuity industry.  As the economy went through some drastic changes between 2008 and 2014, annuities had to quickly adapt to these changes.  The main purpose of annuity products is to protect... Read More

Does Your Defined Contribution Plan Offer Lifetime Income Options?

Those workers lucky enough to have a pension plan from their employer receive a stream of income payments during retirement that will last as long as they live.  Most workers, however, have defined contribution plans like 401ks instead of pensions.  The majority of 401k plans don't have annuities within them, despite many experts touting the necessity of annuities within defined contribution plans.  This leaves the task of creating lifetime income to the employee and this task can be... Read More

Annuities Take Longevity Risk Off the Table, According to Hegna

Economist Tom Hegna is well respected in the financial industry.  He works hard to inform people about longevity risk and how it can impact everyone's financial future.  In LifeHealthPro's "We have to take longevity risk off the table," Daniel Williams wrote about a conversation he had with Mr. Hegna.  As we live long lives, we are going to feel the impact of long term care costs, stock market declines and the potential of running out of money.  Mr. Hegna says that "longevity risk is the... Read More

Which Annuity Product is More Efficient? A SPIA or a DIA?

Morningstar recently published a video on their website comparing the pros and cons of single premium immediate annuities and deferred income annuities.  Neither annuity product is "better" than the other, but each has their benefits and drawbacks for an individual retirement plan.  Christine Benz interviewed Morningstar's head of retirement research, David Blanchett, for the article "Pros and Cons of 2 Key Annuity Types."  Mr. Benz recently conducted research on both annuity types to... Read More

2014 Variable Annuity Innovations

Variable annuity sales have been lukewarm this year with some flat months and some small decreases.  There are many reasons for this, including some key variable annuity players exiting the market and fixed indexed annuity business taking away from variable annuity products.  But despite the fact that sales aren't anything to write home about, life insurance companies are still introducing new products and innovating existing ones.  In Darla Mercado's Investment News article, "Life insurers... Read More

Guaranteed Lifetime Income from Genworth’s SecureLiving Growth

A strong demand for guaranteed income and favorable regulations are causing the life insurance industry to create new annuity products.  The latest is from Genworth Financial and offers a lifetime income rider.  Life Health Pro's Nick Thornton introduced the annuity in "Genworth offers lifetime income annuity."  Genworth's new product is called the SecureLiving Growth with Income Choice annuity.  They plan to market this annuity to an expanded market of consumers that are as young as age... Read More

Advisors Should Clear Up Annuity Confusion And Explain Benefits

Annuities are best used to fill gaps between other investments, according to Karen Demasters of Financial Advisor Magazine.  In the article, "Annuities Can Fill Investing Gaps, Advisors Say," she stresses the importance of advisors being educated about the value of annuity products.  Most consumers are confused about all of the different kinds of annuities and the benefits that they have to offer, so it's crucial for advisors to know what products are out there and how they might be able to... Read More - Prefooter

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