Robust Stock Market or Not, Fixed Annuities Make Sense as an Income Hedge

Should you diversify? Below are some examples of competitive income strategies for a single, 65 year-old with an initial investment of $100k. The stock market has been on a roll for well over a year and few market gurus think the proverbial punch bowl will disappear anytime soon. Small wonder, then, that growth fixed indexed annuities (FIAs), which offer stock market exposure without the possibility of losing money, have been among the most popular annuities of all.You may... Read More

Select Annuities Are Best for Maximizing Tax-Advantaged Investments

So, what do you do if you’re among the fortunate folks in the working world who contribute the maximum in tax-deferred accounts and have the will and the means to contribute more? Interest rates have been rising lately because of expectations of a strong economic recovery in 2021. But they’re still near record-lows and are unlikely to rise significantly higher because the Federal Reserve has said it will not increase short-term interest rates before the end of 2023.So,... Read More

Hands Down, Select Annuities Today Are Better Than CDs

If you invest, say, $100,000 in a three-year MYGA today, and take no withdrawals along the way, you walk away with more than $107,000... in a five-year MYGA, you walk away with more than $116,000. Most of the time, folks weighing the purchase of an annuity ask all kinds of questions. Which type of annuity is best for me and why? What maturity best fits my needs? If I want to dabble in the stock market, should I go “all in” with a variable annuity or hedge my risk with a... Read More

Why I Bought the Athene Protector 5

Why This is a Bad Time for Bond Investors and Why Athene Protector 5 Appears to Be Part of the Solution As a longtime contributor to Annuity FYI, I am familiar with new annuity products introduced into the marketplace and sometimes evaluate them for possible inclusion in my own retirement portfolio. So, I wanted to share why I recently added the Athene Protector 5 to my portfolio in the belief that it’s particularly germane in today’s investment climate. I expect that my... Read More

Product Review: | Sammons LiveWell Guarantee Annuity

The interest rate on Sammons LiveWell Guarantee Annuity, depending on the size of the investment, is as high as 3.55% annually. The highest rate today on a seven-year certificate of deposit (CD), by contrast, is 1.8%. Bucking the Herd, One Annuity Purveyor is Temporarily Offering Extremely Generous Rates on a Seven-Year MYGA.In highly stressed times like these, it’s not unusual for companies to do things they seldom do. For example, most people are driving much less these... Read More

As Recession Fears Rise, is it Time to Lower Your Risk and Protect Gains?

If you’re in the stock market, is it time to lower your risk and protect your gains by turning to less risky financial vehicles? Is the next recession on the horizon? Different types of annuities can totally sidestep the market or remain exposed to the market but with reduced risk of losing money in a down market. Continue reading to see 3 examples of annuities that might fit the bill. Questions? Submit the quick form at the bottom of the page and we will get right back to... Read More

Industry Braces for Fiduciary Rule, Firms Set Annuity Commission Rates

A new report from industry consultants, Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting, predicts that banks and credit unions will likely establish commission rates on fixed-rate annuity sales around 3% once the DOL’s fiduciary rule is fully implemented. According to a recent article from Bank Investment Consultant, researchers surveyed 18 banks and third-party broker dealers to determine how institutions are planning to adapt pricing options to comply with the new rules. Expectations for future... Read More

Fixed Annuities Offer Four Key Benefits, Even With Low Interest Rates

There is no discounting the real financial problems facing Americans today. Low interest rates and longevity risk are two big issues, both of which can be solved through the purchase of an annuity. Everyone is talking about interest rates right now, especially with the 10-year treasury rate under 2%. Consumers are unsure of where they should put their money and where they should invest right now. The recent Brexit issue overseas has just added to the financial insecurity of Americans who are... Read More

The Five Types of Annuities That Can Work for You

People are turning to annuities in droves to help strengthen their financial plan for retirement. Barbara Freidberg wrote about the "5 Best Annuities for Your Financial Plan" in a recent article for Go Banking Rates. Annuities are a strong retirement income option because state insurance departments regulate the products. The best way to determine if an annuity is right in your personal financial planning is to understand how each different type of annuity works and the benefits they can offer... Read More

A Fixed Annuity Might Be Best For You

It's hard to say that fixed annuities are perfect for anyone, but they come close for many people. In an article for Marketwatch, Andrew Murdoch bravely asked "Are you the perfect person for fixed annuities?" Many people turn to fixed annuity products because they are simple and straightforward in comparison to other annuities that carry riders and higher fees. Fixed annuities guarantee you an interest rate and usually pay more than a bank CD. They don't always keep up with inflation, but... Read More - Prefooter


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