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Industry Braces for Fiduciary Rule, Firms Set Annuity Commission Rates

A new report from industry consultants, Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting, predicts that banks and credit unions will likely establish commission rates on fixed-rate annuity sales around 3% once the DOL’s fiduciary rule is fully implemented. According to a recent article from Bank Investment Consultant, researchers surveyed 18 banks and third-party broker dealers to determine how institutions are planning to adapt pricing options to comply with the new rules. Expectations for future... Read More

Fixed Annuities Offer Four Key Benefits, Even With Low Interest Rates

There is no discounting the real financial problems facing Americans today. Low interest rates and longevity risk are two big issues, both of which can be solved through the purchase of an annuity. Everyone is talking about interest rates right now, especially with the 10-year treasury rate under 2%. Consumers are unsure of where they should put their money and where they should invest right now. The recent Brexit issue overseas has just added to the financial insecurity of Americans who are... Read More

The Five Types of Annuities That Can Work for You

People are turning to annuities in droves to help strengthen their financial plan for retirement. Barbara Freidberg wrote about the "5 Best Annuities for Your Financial Plan" in a recent article for Go Banking Rates. Annuities are a strong retirement income option because state insurance departments regulate the products. The best way to determine if an annuity is right in your personal financial planning is to understand how each different type of annuity works and the benefits they can offer... Read More

A Fixed Annuity Might Be Best For You

It's hard to say that fixed annuities are perfect for anyone, but they come close for many people. In an article for Marketwatch, Andrew Murdoch bravely asked "Are you the perfect person for fixed annuities?" Many people turn to fixed annuity products because they are simple and straightforward in comparison to other annuities that carry riders and higher fees. Fixed annuities guarantee you an interest rate and usually pay more than a bank CD. They don't always keep up with inflation, but... Read More

Fixed Annuity Industry is Happy with Fed’s Rate Increase

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates mid-month last December, which is likely a good thing for the fixed annuity industry. Insurance News Net's Linda Koco forecasted how the .25% increase would effect the industry in the article "Rate Increase Bodes Well for Fixed Annuity Sales." Fixed annuity sales were already up in the third quarter before the increase in interest rates. Beacon Research's President pointed out that insurance companies had already been gradually raising their fixed... Read More

Aging Population Increases Annuity Demand Even Though Rates are Low

Logical thinking would tell you that a low interest rate environment would not be a good backdrop for sales of annuities, but annuity products have continued to rise in popularity despite low interest rates. There are multiple reasons for the interest in annuity products lately, including the fact that Baby Boomers are getting older. In the USA Today article, "Annuities gain popularity as Baby Boomers age," Russ Wiles said that Americans are searching for financial security and avoiding risk... Read More

Don’t Ignore Fixed Annuities Because of Low Interest Rates

Although fixed annuity rates are historically low, fixed annuity products still carry value and may provide some financial stability to retirees. In The Motley Fool’s “Fixed Annuity Rates: Dependable Monthly Income,” article author Jordan Wathen refers to fixed annuity products as the “reverse” of a life insurance policy, which pays a benefit upon your death.(1) In contrast, you purchase an immediate annuity to provide monthly income payments that will continue for as long as you... Read More

NAFA Says That Fixed Annuities Are Simple, Offer Benefits Beyond Interest Rates

It's really the responsibility of the annuity industry to proactively spread information about annuity products.  There is a lot of negative information in the public, some of it warranted, some of it not.  Naysayers say that annuities cost too much, are complicated and lack flexibility if your needs change.  This is not the case for most annuity products, but unless the annuity industry works to educate the public on annuity truths, they will continue to hear the negative people loudly. ... Read More

Fixed Annuities Provide Solutions to Baby Boomers

It's almost time for the third quarter annuity sales figures to be released.  The industry is expecting more of what we saw in the second quarter and entire first half of this year.  This year has seen a lot of "Positive economic news for fixed annuities," according to LifeHealthPro's Ken Nuss.  Total annuity sales reached their highest level in three years during the second quarter.  The Insured Retirement Institute also found that sales of fixed annuities reached their highest level in... Read More

Consider These Fixed Annuities Before Rates Go Down

If you've been waiting to purchase a fixed annuity product, now is the time to pull the trigger.  Insurance companies are probably going to lower fixed annuity rates in the next week or so after a large decline in the 10-year U.S. Treasury rate.  Earlier this week, that rate went down 21% from last month and closed at 2.09%.  Fixed annuities have been popular in recent years because of their guarantees and transfer of risk.  An expert at Annuity FYI would be happy to help answer any... Read More

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