Find the Answers to These 7 Annuity Questions

There are a lot of moving parts involved with annuity products, especially some of the more complex varieties. So inherently, there are also plenty of questions that come along with a potential annuity purchase. This summer, Forbes magazine published an article about the seven questions you should ask before you buy an annuity product. LifeHealthPro took this information from two financial experts and expanded it to include what advisors should use to help explain these seven things to their... Read More

Your Annuity Choice Can Make Or Break Your Future

When used the right way, annuities are a great way to create income and protect your money in retirement.  They can also be complicated products, so it's important to ensure that you are purchasing the best annuity for your personal financial planning.  In the Forbes Magazine article "Annuities: How To Protect Yourself And Get a Good Income," Larry Light summarizes advice from certified financial planner Jeff Rose.  He says that one of the most important things to remember is that annuities... Read More

Know the Details of Your Variable Annuity

In CNBC's article "4 things you really need to know about your variable annuity," Elizabeth MacBride offers important information about variable annuity products.  Sometimes this type of annuity gets a bad rap, but for the right person variable annuities offer great benefits.  The amount of money invested in variable annuities has grown to $1.7 trillion.  Variable annuities are like mutual funds that are issued through an insurance company.  You take advantage of tax-deferral during the... Read More

Annuities are Like Tortoises, Slow and Steady

Annuities are such a great way to guarantee income safely.  While they certainly aren't the fastest growing investments, AAA Arizona financial advisor Mark Boskovich points out that they are slow and steady.  He should know because he hasn't had a client lose money since he started working for AAA nearly two years ago.  He appreciates that annuities are nearly risk-free and says that the slow growth is worth the guaranteed lifetime income.  His annuity information is in an Arizona Daily... Read More

Immediate Annuities Are Simple & Protect Your Future

Articles that ask the expert for their opinion on financial and investment issues can offer a lot of information for other readers as well.  Money's Walter Updegrave lets the reader know "Why an immediate annuity might be right for you."  A 63-year old woman told her 65-year-old husband that they should look into buying an annuity with some of their $600,000 savings.  He disagreed, but asked an expert for their opinion on the issue of annuity products.  Whether or not they decide to... Read More

Athene Acquires Fixed & Indexed Annuity Business

Everyone is talking this week about a big annuity purchase.  Athene Annuity & Life Assurance Company of Delaware, a subsidiary of Athene Holding Ltd. of Bermuda, purchased Presidential Life Corporation.  According to Marketwatch's "Athene Annuity to buy Presidential Life," the deal is worth $415 million in cash.  Athene hopes to increase their retail sales and their reinsurance with the purchase of Presidential Life.  They sell fixed annuity products as well as life, accident, and... Read More

'AAA' Rating for New York Life & Annuity

Fitch Ratings has re-affirmed its highest rating level to New York Life Insurance Company.  This information comes from Reuters' "Fitch affirms New York Life's IFS at 'AAA'."  The Insurer Financial Strength Rating of 'AAA' applies to both New York Life Insurance Company and New York Life Insurance & Annuity Corporation.  Fitch says that their outlook is stable and although they could be effected by some negative ratings triggers, their current situation is very positive.A very strong... Read More

ING’s Variable Annuities Lower Shares

On the heels of ING's negative press regarding variable annuities, their shares fell an average of 5% this week.  This information comes from Henry Steelman's Annuity News Journal article, "Shares in ING Group Fell 5% Wednesday."  ING is a huge financial institution all over the world covering banking and investment services as well as variable annuities and life insurance needs.  The downward trend in equities and lower annuity rates have taken a hit on ING's variable annuities, so much so... Read More

Annuity for a Taiwanese Tour Guide?

A week in Taiwan gave Retirement Income Journal's Kerry Pechter some insight into the Taiwanese retirement system along with some sightseeing time.  In "The View from Taroko Gorge," Pechter shares what he learned about their system as a whole and from an individual tour guide's perspective.  His tour guide was a 51-year old woman who had a successful trading business and much wealth until a financially irresponsible husband and changing times took it all away, including her pension.  She... Read More

How Valuable are Annuity Ratings?

It looks like there are some questionable practices going on with the financial strength rating institutions, according to "CalPERS Gives Rating Agencies an FFF" by Kerry Pechter in the Retirement Income Journal. Investors and advisers alike have historically put a lot of faith in the ratings from Fitch, Standard & Poor's, and Moody's.  The companies rate the financial strength of annuities, bonds, and bond funds through a letter value system.  Unfortunately, a lawsuit filed by... Read More - Prefooter


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