Annuity Ratings Outlook May Be Changed by A.M. Best

Ratings company A.M. Best has shown concern lately over marketplace happenings that may push them to downgrade some ratings.  Due to the government's arguing over the debt crisis and many weak European economies, the U.S. Life/Annuity sector may have its rating downgraded to negative from its current rating of stable.  The Insurance Networking News article "Possible Revision to Rating Outlook for U.S. Life/Annuity Sector" explores the consequences of the ratings.  Life insurance companies'... Read More

Equity Linked CD Investment Info

Certificates of Deposit, or CDs, are investments that offer you a payout after a fixed term, usually around five years.  The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission offers this information on their website.  Equity linked CDs base your interest on a specific stock market index, so you have the potential for significant gains.  While you have the risk that you won't get any gains, you don't have to worry about losing your principal.  Your initial investment is guaranteed by the financial... Read More

Annuity Rates Increase 6%

During the first quarter of this year annuity rates increased by 6%, according to the Annuity News Journal.  Henry Steelman's article, "Annuity Rates Jump 6% in 1st Quarter," says that this significant increase is just another reason that investors should look into annuities.  It is a great time right now to look into investing in annuities for those purchasing retirement plans and those looking for a way to finance their retirement.  Since annuity rates are high right now, it is a great... Read More

Compare Equity Linked CDs With Annuities

Equity linked CDs are like a combination of traditional CDs, or certificates of deposit, and stocks.  According to Money-Rates Columnist Richard Barrington, equity linked CDs are somewhat of a hybrid between the two products.  In a volatile stock market investors can either lose a ton of money or manage to buy low and grow their wealth significantly.  Investors looking for a bit of the best of both worlds may be interested in equity linked CDs.  They offer investors the same stability of... Read More

Compare Equity Linked CDs

Equity linked CDs are fairly new to the marketplace and very popular right now.  While the investments might not be for everyone, risk averse investors like these CDs because they allow for the possibility of market growth without the worry of losing your principal in a falling market.  Go Banking Rates offers some equity linked CD information in "A Guide to Market-Linked CDs."  Equity linked CDs are also known as market linked CDs, market indexed CDs, and index CDs.  They are considered... Read More

Annuity Information on iPad

While they aren't the first company to outfit their employees with a high-tech innovation, John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. has just issued iPads to its wholesalers.  This information comes from "Hancock Follows Dreyfus Into the Apple Store" by Hung Tran of The Mutual Fund Wire.  John Hancock's U.S. wealth management division has given the iPad to more than 200 wholesalers because of the product's versatility.  They plan to use the iPad for annuity products, mutual funds, retirement... Read More

Equity Linked CDs, Fixed Annuities, or CDs

In the Expert Click article "Fixed Annuities vs. CDs: Is One Better Than the Other?," financial planner Greg Womack weighs the pros and cons of the different investments.  Whether fixed annuities or bank certificates of deposit (CDs) are best depends on each individual situation.  Investors can also look into equity linked CDs, which have some characteristics similar to both annuities and CDs.  CDs and fixed annuities are both safe investments, however unlike the FDIC insurance banks provide... Read More

Variable & Fixed Annuities on the Rise

July was a tough month for sales of variable and fixed annuities in banks, but August saw an increase in sales for both products through the bank channel.  According to Bank Investment Consultant's "Variable Annuities Mount a Comeback in Banks," Howard J. Stock states that variable annuities actually saw the largest increase.  Sales increased 14% in August to $1.3 billion, which is even 27% higher than they were in January of this year.  The total sales for variable and fixed annuities in... Read More

Compare Annuities & Equity Linked CDs

Whether a deferred fixed annuity or a CD is better for your savings plan depends on a number of individual factors.  You can compare annuities and bank CDs regarding the safety of your principal, the length of term you are looking for, your distribution options, and tax benefits.  Both products are lower-risk than many other options, yet differ from one another significantly.  Your financial priorities and goals will help determine if a deferred fixed annuity or CD is best for... Read More

Compare Equity Linked CDs from Bank of the West

According to a press release on Yahoo! Finance, "Bank of the West Introduces Market Linked CDs (MLCDs)."  When you compare equity linked CDs with other investments, the main benefit is that you have the protection of FDIC insurance along with participation in the markets.  Bank of the West's Market Linked CD is tied to a basket of stocks and offers interest rates that are linked to either fixed income, commodity, equity, or foreign exchange markets.  The company is excited to be able to... Read More - Prefooter


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