The Five Types of Annuities That Can Work for You

People are turning to annuities in droves to help strengthen their financial plan for retirement. Barbara Freidberg wrote about the "5 Best Annuities for Your Financial Plan" in a recent article for Go Banking Rates. Annuities are a strong retirement income option because state insurance departments regulate the products. The best way to determine if an annuity is right in your personal financial planning is to understand how each different type of annuity works and the benefits they can offer... Read More

Fee-Based Variable Annuities Are the Wave of the Future

In a new article for Think Advisor, William H. Byrnes and Robert Bloink discussed the expected 180 in the variable annuity industry. "After the DOL Fiduciary Rule, Enter the Fee-Based Variable Annuity," says that many insurance companies are already working on fee-based VAs and scrapping the commission-based variety. The DOL rule says that variable annuity products can only be sold when they are in the best interest of the client purchasing them. It also says that any commissions earned on... Read More

Turmoil in the Variable & Indexed Annuity Industry

The annuity market is changing. This is partly because of the recent DOL fiduciary rule and partly because of other forces in the economy. In an article for Think Advisor, Raymond James' Scott Stoltz gives us "A Glimpse of the Future of Annuities." Variable annuity sales have been declining slowly since 2011 and LIMRA expects them to go down significantly more over the next two years. In contrast, fixed indexed annuity sales are skyrocketing and all of the top 10 indexed annuity carriers saw... Read More

Jackson’s Fee-Based Variable Annuity Forecasts the VA Market’s Future

It was no surprise that the Department of Labor enacted stringent rules on sellers of variable annuities within qualified plans in their new fiduciary rule. The new BICE guidelines require advisors and annuity distributors to ensure that any variable annuity sold is in the best interest of the person buying the product. There are many guidelines for annuity sellers to follow, something that will change the face of the variable annuity industry for the long haul. Investment News' Greg Iacurci... Read More

Add A Variable Annuity With A GMWB To Your Retirement Plan

Variable annuity products are often maligned in the financial world, but they can serve an important purpose in retirement planning for many Americans. In a recent article for The Woonsocket Call, "Building a sound retirement income plan," Chris Boules explains how variable annuities can help you account for the biggest risks you face in retirement. Volatile markets and an economy with relatively low interest rates in the recent past have many people worried about their future retirement funds.... Read More

Annuities Create Lifetime Income From Retirement Savings

Running out of money in retirement is one of Americans' biggest concerns. They have good reason for this worry. Only 22% of workers in private companies have a pension from their employer that will pay them monthly income. Most of these pension recipients will get income payments for the rest of their lifetime. As lifetime expectancy approaches record highs, having guaranteed lifetime income is crucial to retirement planning. So what about all of those Americans who don't have a company pension... Read More

QLAC Rule Clarification Requested By 8 Industry Groups

Over the past couple of years, regulations have made it easier to use QLACs in qualified retirement plans. The IRS offers greater tax breaks and consumers can guarantee lifetime income from part of their retirement savings. But Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract use in retirement plans has not taken off like some experts forecasted that it would. In a recent article for Plan Sponsor, Rebecca Moore discussed how "Groups Ask for More Guidance About QLACs." A number of groups worked together to... Read More

Tax-Free Distributions With An LTC Annuity

Long term care will be one of the most expensive things that most people pay for in their lifetime. Many people ignore the fact that they may need long term care at some point in their life because it's just not something they want to think about. With the sky high cost of this type of care, long term care insurance can save your future finances from being depleted by paying for this type of care in your old age. If you have ever had a family member or friend who had to pay for long term care,... Read More

Read This Before You Exchange Your Variable Annuity

There are many reasons why you might consider exchanging your variable annuity product. You might be looking for a better deal, your needs might have changed, or perhaps your insurance company is initiating a variable annuity exchange. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of details to look into before you make the final decision to exchange your annuity. MetLife Securities Inc. was recently fined $20 million by FINRA because of the way they represented their variable annuity products. The... Read More

Advisors Must Know This List About Indexed Annuities Before Recommending

All of the recent fixed indexed annuity news has been in regards to the product's inclusion in the DOL fiduciary rule. Now that we've all adjusted to the surprise of indexed annuities being lumped with variable annuities under the BICE requirements, it's time to determine what changes need to be made in the buying and selling of fixed indexed annuities going forward. Investment News' Greg Iacurci wrote about "How to sell fixed indexed annuities in a DOL fiduciary environment" in an article... Read More - Prefooter


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