Charitable Gift Annuities Offer Win-Win for Many Retirees

Under the new tax law, many investors are finding that donor-advised funds and qualified charitable distributions are the best option for charitable giving, but there’s another choice that might work best for you. A charitable gift annuity could allow you to to meet philanthropic goals while providing a stream of guaranteed retirement income.“A gift annuity may not be a well-known tool, but it can be a wonderful fit, particularly for seniors,” said Jim Soft, planned giving... Read More

Improve Cash Flow While Giving Back with a Charitable Gift Annuity

If you are interested in steady income in retirement with an attractive return and low risk, consider a charitable gift annuity. In this low interest-rate environment, a CGA can not only provide you with peace of mind, but it can also give the added satisfaction of doing good.According to a recent article from Cleveland Jewish News, with a CGA, a charitable organization pays a fixed annual income for life in exchange for a contribution of cash or marketable securities (like publicly traded... Read More

A Charitable Gift Annuity Helps You and Your Favorite Charity

Now might be a good time to consider purchasing a charitable gift annuity. These annuities work in a similar manner to immediate annuities, but you leave money to a charity instead of an insurance company. Dan Caplinger recently took a deeper look at charitable gift annuities in The Motley Fool article "Is a Charitable Gift Annuity Right For You?" These annuities offer lifetime income as well as a nice tax deduction, but they also leave money on your behalf to your favorite charity. This is... Read More

An Annuity Can Create A Retirement Income Salary Now or Later

Stan The Annuity Man Haithcock often shares interesting facts about the origins of annuities. In one of his latest Marketwatch articles, "The best way to get your 'salt money' after retiring," he shared the origin of the word 'salary'. Just like the Ancient Romans introduced the first annuity products, they also first used the word salary, or in Latin 'salarium'. It literally means "salt money" because Roman soldiers were partially paid in salt, a necessary product to help preserve food before... Read More

Charitable Gift Annuities Offer Guaranteed Income, Philanthropy

"Charitable gift annuities are the gifts that keep on giving," according to Stan Haithcock in an article for Marketwatch.(1) Gift annuities are much like the typical annuity product that a person may be familiar with. They work in a similar way to single premium immediate annuities (SPIA) and deferred income annuities (DIA) because they can pay you a guaranteed lifetime income stream.* Depending on the annuity, you can choose to start your income immediately or defer it to a certain date in the... Read More

Interesting Findings from the Survey of Charitable Gift Annuities

We recently released our list of Top 40 Charitable Gift Annuities.  Purchasing a charitable gift annuity allows you to help your favorite charity in the future while providing yourself with an income stream in retirement.  In The Non Profit Times article "Annuity Donors Reportedly Getting Younger," Mark Hrywna talks about the recent changes happening with charitable gift annuities.  Unfortunately for charities, they have received less than 2/3 of the initial contributions to the annuities... Read More - Prefooter


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