Rising Interest Rates and Your Annuity

As interest rates begin to rise, many investors are questioning what this could mean for annuity products. Fixed annuities, in particular, are marketed as having an upside benefit of the market without the risky downside. What’s important to remember is that when returns are capped with these products, so when the market significantly rises, you aren’t likely to receive the entire benefit.CEO of AnnuityAdvantage Ken Nuss discussed this and other ways that the rising interest rates... Read More

Fed Rate Hike and Your Life Insurance, Annuities

According to a new report, the recent increase in short-term interest rates by the Federal Reserve should benefit rate-sensitive insurance products, including annuities. As reported in a LifeHealthPro article, Moody’s Investors Service released their “Sector Comment” report on December 14, and with it research on the effect of the rate hike on U.S. financial institutions, including banks, life insurers and asset managers.On that same day, the Federal Open Market Committee, the unit... Read More

Fixed Annuities Offer Four Key Benefits, Even With Low Interest Rates

There is no discounting the real financial problems facing Americans today. Low interest rates and longevity risk are two big issues, both of which can be solved through the purchase of an annuity. Everyone is talking about interest rates right now, especially with the 10-year treasury rate under 2%. Consumers are unsure of where they should put their money and where they should invest right now. The recent Brexit issue overseas has just added to the financial insecurity of Americans who are... Read More

Don’t Wait for Higher Interest Rates to Buy an Immediate Annuity

Interest rates are historically low right now. There are a lot of consumers who think they should hold off on buying an immediate annuity until interest rates go up. In an article for CNN Money, Walter Updegrave answered the question should you "Buy an annuity now or wait for interest rates to rise?" A reader wrote in asking Mr. Updegrave if he should wait to buy an annuity because interest rates are going to go up soon. The problem with waiting for interest rates to rise is that no one has any... Read More

Considerations Before Buying an Immediate Annuity

Annuity products are all over the news because of their importance in retirement income planning. They are the only investment product that offers the security that you won't run out of money for as long as you live. Although annuities are very valuable, many people have questions about the products and how they are used. U.S. News & World Report's Jeff Brown recently offered up "3 Things to Know About Immediate Annuities" to help better explain these often misunderstood products. Stocks... Read More

Laddering Fixed Annuities Protects Against Interest Rate Risk

This year looks to be an interesting one for the annuity industry. There is quite a mix of different factors effecting everything from payouts to commission structures. In a recent article for Marketwatch titled "How to buy annuities in a dicey year," Andrew Murdoch explains his recommended annuity strategy for this tumultuous year. One of the main things effecting annuities this year is the updating of longevity tables. This could reduce payouts by up to 10%. But on the flip side of that,... Read More

A Fixed Annuity Might Be Best For You

It's hard to say that fixed annuities are perfect for anyone, but they come close for many people. In an article for Marketwatch, Andrew Murdoch bravely asked "Are you the perfect person for fixed annuities?" Many people turn to fixed annuity products because they are simple and straightforward in comparison to other annuities that carry riders and higher fees. Fixed annuities guarantee you an interest rate and usually pay more than a bank CD. They don't always keep up with inflation, but... Read More

How Mortality Credits Make Income Annuities Work

You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't want guaranteed lifetime income. But there are not very many places to find this type of a guarantee. Lucky workers have a pension that will continue to pay them income even after they are no longer working. While Social Security pays income for life, most people won't receive enough income to cover all of their expenses throughout retirement. This is where annuity products are beneficial. They are the only other products that pay guaranteed... Read More

Annuities Offer Benefits, But Ask Questions Before Purchasing

In a recent article for The Wall Street Journal, the American Association of Individual Investors' Charles Rotblut offered "A Guide to Avoiding the Biggest Annuity Mistakes." Annuities confuse many people, so it is the responsibility of advisors and insurance companies to make sure that these products are well understood. Confusion often drives people away from products that could have offered them lifelong financial benefits. The author says that annuities are a good product if they are used... Read More

Fixed Annuity Industry is Happy with Fed’s Rate Increase

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates mid-month last December, which is likely a good thing for the fixed annuity industry. Insurance News Net's Linda Koco forecasted how the .25% increase would effect the industry in the article "Rate Increase Bodes Well for Fixed Annuity Sales." Fixed annuity sales were already up in the third quarter before the increase in interest rates. Beacon Research's President pointed out that insurance companies had already been gradually raising their fixed... Read More

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