Annuity FYI believes that annuities with the industry’s most competitive features and benefits can be an exceptional component of a retirement portfolio. Our Retirement Resource Center is designed to help you understand how annuities may help you achieve your retirement goals.

Variable Annuities for Retirement

The Top 10 reasons why variable annuities with the most
competitive living and death benefits can help you achieve
your retirement goals.

401k Rollovers

What are my 401k rollover options? Is it a good idea?

IRA Rollovers

What are my IRA rollover options? Is it a good idea?

Social Security Offset

Learn how annuities can increase your Social Security payments.

Financial Freedom in Your Retirement

Follow these 5 simple steps.

Retirement Calculator

Learn how to allocate your retirement savings.

Protect Your Nest Egg with Annuities — Make an Appointment with an Annuity FYI Expert

Annuity FYI Experts, who are licensed financial advisors, are available to speak with you free of charge and with no obligation to discuss how annuities can protect your retirement nest egg.


New Social Security Rules Undermining Younger, More Exotic Filers

If you’re a meat-and-potatoes person who likes to keep things simple and began taking full Social Security benefits from your own account at age 66 — even though you’re married and could instead have tapped your spouse’s Social Security...

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Retirement Planning Should Focus More on Longevity Risk

Longevity risk is one of the most important issues to contend with when you are retirement planning.  Some actuaries are worried that neither advisors nor their clients are taking longevity risk seriously enough.  In Think Advisor’s...

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Longevity Annuities Are Poised to Become America’s New Pension

In The Garden City News section “The View From Here,” Bob Morgan, Jr. wrote an informative article about “Longevity annuities and retirement security.”  He said that while longevity annuities are not the perfect solution to...

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Baby Boomers May Work Longer, Live Less Comfortably in Retirement

The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) is a retirement income industry association made up of insurers, financial professionals, asset managers, broker dealers and distributors.  According to Benefits Pro’s Ed Silverstein, “(The) IRI...

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Few Workers with DC Plans Anticipate Annuity Income

LIMRA’s Secure Retirement Institute recently asked workers with defined contribution plans where annuities fit into their future retirement financing.  Insurance News Net’s Linda Koco summarized the results in her article “Where...

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Annuities Are Constantly Adapting

As we near the end of January (can you believe it?), people are already starting to look at the forecasted annuity trends for 2015 to see what is proving to be true.  In LifeHealthPro’s article, “Annuity trends: 2015 and beyond,”...

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Retirement Income Crisis: Myth or Fact?

Retirement Income Crisis: Myth or Fact?

In their recent Wall Street Journal article, Andrew Biggs and Sylvester Schieber cite a study showing that the average U.S. retiree…

Simple Advice to Recession Proof Your Retirement

Simple Advice to Recession Proof Your Retirement

Steve Vernon shares a simple message as he criss-crosses the USA, addressing audiences large and small and promoting his financial…

Retirement Annuities
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The major hurdle you have faced in “convincing” me that an annuity has a role in my retirement planning has been in helping me make sure I understood the details adequately to think through the “what if’s.” Thank you for your hard work.