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Speak with a Registered Agent: 1-866-223-2121

Protect Against Market Volatility With Guardian’s New Annuity


One of the leading providers of life, disability, dental and other benefits in the U.S., Guardian life Insurance Company of America, has just launched a new fixed indexed annuity with an optional guaranteed living benefit rider. 

In an effort to help mitigate market volatility and longevity risk, the company introduced the Guardian Secure Index Annuity, offering guaranteed retirement income which clients cannot outlive. There’s even growth potential to boot!  

According to a recent InsuranceNewsNet article, almost 80% of working Americans feel that it’s important to have a guaranteed source of income in retirement, which is exactly what this new product offers. Potential gains can be experienced during index upswings based on the selection made at purchase. Additionally, clients are protected from index downturns because they will never lose premium due to a drop in index value. 

“As people begin to contemplate how to financially prepare for retirement, a major concern is how to ensure they don’t outlive their retirement assets,” said Dominque Baede, Head of Life and Annuity at Guardian. “The Guardian Secure Index Annuity can be a strategic tool in a client’s retirement strategy by ensuring an ongoing source of income during retirement with the added benefit of potential growth. Creating the opportunity to have retirement assets grow with the added assurance those assets will be available throughout retirement is at the center of how Guardian inspires well-being.”

For a fee, consumers can add the optional Guardian Income Magnifier Rider, which provides the benefit of knowing that the guaranteed income will not decrease for the life of the contract, provided the lifetime withdrawals don’t exceed the Guaranteed Annual Withdrawal Amount (GAWA). This holds true even if the contract value drops to zero. The rider also comes with earning potential and the flexibility to change those protected under it. 

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