For years, wealth managers have paid little attention to longevity risk or annuities. But times are changing, and even wire houses like UBS are at least talking the longevity talk. Read more.

A long-term lump sum annuity from American General offering an annual return of 5.50% for 23 years!

Here’s a New Guggenheim Life and Annuity Fixed Indexed Annuity That Is Truly Appealing

Lincoln Financial Group’s Deferred Income Solutions has been added to Annuity FYI’s “Top Deferred Income Annuity Picks”.

Brian Horn shares his insights on Fixed Annuities.


Up to 13.5% of S&P upside, none of the down side, 100% liquidity, & life insurance, all in one?

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Annuity Basics can help answer your questions, or walk you through step-by-step tutorials on annuities.


Annuity FYI’s exclusive guides cover a range of annuity and retirement planning topics.


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Is A Lifetime Annuity Better Than The 4% Withdrawal Method?

There is an ongoing argument in the financial world about which is better: an annuity that guarantees a lifetime payout* or a 4% withdrawal scheduled from your retirement savings ...

Create Retirement Income with Immediate or Deferred Income Annuity

U.S. workers are concerned that they will run out of money in retirement, and for good reason. The Insured Retirement Institute asked Baby Boomers if they were confident that they ...

Issues Regarding the Use of Longevity Annuities as QLACs

The government supports longevity annuities as important retirement income planning tools.  Multiple regulations last year made it easier and more beneficial to use these types ...

Indexed Annuities Offer Benefits, But Be Aware of Drawbacks

Indexed annuity sales have been very strong over the past couple of years.  These annuities sometimes get a bad rap in the media so it may be hard to know if they are a product ...


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