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You want to be well-informed to purchase the best annuity benefits and interest for your situation. AnnuityFYI suggests that prior to purchasing a variable annuity you should consider the answers to thequestions below about the annuity, the insurance company issuing the annuity, and the broker selling it.

Considerations About the Annuity

  1. Do your variable annuity benefits provide for your beneficiaries? GO»

Considerations About the Broker

  1. Is your financial professional working with your best financial interests in mind to help you find an appropriate variable annuity?
  2. Have you checked your financial professional’s FINRA record to see if he or she has complaints on file or a criminal background? GO»

Considerations About the Annuity Issuer

  1. What are the financial strength ratings of the insurance company issuing the annuity?
  2. Are you able to transfer your funds among underlying accounts with low fees?
  3. Drawbacks of replacing a variable annuity.


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