What type of retiree or pre-retiree are you? These ten statements are designed to help you decide where to invest your retirement dollars. After each statement, choose the answer that best reflects your opinion. Based on your responses, you will be directed to a model portfolio.

  • Financial Goals

  • I do not need a high level of current income from my investments. I’m more interested in the potential for long-term growth.
  • I have set aside savings to cover large expenses like purchasing a home, college tuition, or a financial emergency.
  • I am concerned about the effects of inflation on my investments.
  • Risk Tolerance

  • I can tolerate sharp ups and downs in the short-term value of my investments in return for potential long-term gains.
  • Hypothetically, I prefer an investment that has a 50% chance of losing 5% and a 50% chance of gaining 20% in one year, rather than an investment that will assure a 5% return in one year.
  • I am comfortable holding on to an investment even though it drops sharply in value.
  • I am willing to take the risks associated with stocks in order to earn a potential return greater than the rate of inflation.
  • I consider myself knowledgeable about the risks and potential returns associated with investing in stocks and other types of securities.
  • Time Horizon

  • In how many years do you plan to utilize the results of your investment strategy?
  • I am comfortable with an investment that may take ten years to provide the returns I expect.

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