We’ve done the research for you. The below no-withdrawal penalty annuities (also called “no-surrender” annuities) are what we believe to be the most competitive annuity products on the market. Contact an licensed financial professional to make sure that you pick the best no-surrender annuity to meet your needs.

Company & AnnuityMinimum InvestmentDeath Benefit Available?Living Benefit Available?FeesTo Order a Free Information Kit
jeffersonJefferson National$15,000NoNo$20 monthly1-866-223-2121
jackson nationalJackson National – Elite$1,000 Q $5,000 NQNoNo1.25%1-866-223-2121
metlifeMetlife – FlexChoice$2,000 Q $5,000 NQYesYes1.30%1-866-223-2121
new york life - complete accessNew York Life – Complete Access$5,000YesYes1.60%1-866-223-2121
lincolnAmerican Legacy III C Share$25,000YesYes1.65%1-866-223-2121
ameritasAmeritas Advisor No-Load VA$2,000YesNoAnnual Fee $40 (waived at $50k & over in account value) M&E 0.45%1-866-223-2121
transamericaAxiom C-Share$1,000 Q $5,000 NQYesYes0.80%-1.90% Depending on asset-allocation model1-866-223-2121
transamericaPacific Life – Choice$2,000 Q $10,000 NQYesYes1.35%1-866-223-2121

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