We’ve done the research for you. Pre-defined asset allocation models are appropriate for investors who do not want to actively manage their annuity sub-account portfolio, for lack of time, experience or confidence. If you decide to use a pre-defined asset allocation model, consider your age, estimated time until retirement, current financial stability, and tolerance for market volatility when selecting a risk profile (such as conservative, aggressive, etc.). When comparing asset allocation models from different companies, look at the historical returns of the models (ask the insurance company or financial advisor for this), just as you would view the performance history of an individual mutual fund or sub-account prior to investing.

Company & Name of Benefit (“Rider”)Investment Strategy / Asset Allocation ModelDescriptionTo Order a Free Information Kit
axa_equitableAXA Allocation PortfoliosThe AXA Allocation Portfolios consist of five models: Conservative, Conservative Growth, Balanced, Moderate Growth, and Growth. Portfolios are managed by over twenty asset management firms. Investors can transfer assets among the styles at any time before or after payments begin, at no charge.1-866-223-2121
jacksonJNL / S&P® Managed PortfoliosThe JNL / S&P® Managed Portfolios consists of five asset allocation models: Managed Conservative (20% equities, 80% fixed income), Managed Moderate (40% equities, 60% fixed income), Managed Moderate Growth (60% equities, 40% fixed income), Managed Growth (80% equities, 20% fixed income), and Managed Agressive Growth (90% equities, 10% fixed income).1-866-223-2121
logo_prudentialASTPrudential offers dozens of turnkey asset allocation strategies spanning nineinvestment strategies. Each comes with its own set of potential investment risk and return characteristics, presenting the investor with a wide range of options. Prudential allows you to blend a set of portfolios to build a customized strategy to suit your needs.1-866-223-2121
metlifeMetLife Asset Allocation Program (MAAP)The MetLife Asset Allocation Program consist of five models: Defensive, Moderate, Balanced, Growth and Aggressive. Each portfolio is managed by Met Investors Advisory, LLC, an affiliate of MetLife, Inc., one of the largest asset managers in the country.1-866-223-2121
metlifeAmerican Funds Asset Allocation PortfoliosThe American Funds Asset Allocation portfolios combine the unique portfolio management process of American Funds Investment Company with the Met Investors Advisory, LLC’s asset allocation experience. The American Funds Asset Allocation portfolios directly invest into individual American Funds Insurance Series® portfolios and offer comparable risk/returns parameters to those of the MetLife Asset Allocation Program portfolios. These portfolios are rebalanced quarterly and provide for a strong focus on broad portfolio diversification.1-866-223-2121
metlifeMET/Franklin Templeton Founding Strategy PortfolioThis MET/Franklin Templeton Founding Strategy Portfolio is a combination of three funds managed by three distinct money management groups – Franklin, Templeton and Mutual Series. Each group provides a different perspective and relies on its own team of dedicated research analysts to identify opportunities. The Met/Franklin Templeton Founding Strategy Portfolio offers diversification across multiple asset classes and may help reduce overall risk and heighten opportunity. This asset allocation strategy provides for broad diversification with minimal stock overlap among underlying funds.1-866-223-2121

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