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Are you considering investing in a hybrid annuity? Annuity FYI has done the research for you and selected what we believe are the best hybrid annuities available on the market today. Review our top hybrid annuity picks in the table below. Call Annuity FYI to speak with an expert about product details and to determine if you are a good candidate for hybrid annuities 1- 866-223-2121

Annuity FYI’s Top Hybrid Annuity Picks
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Shield Level Selector

We like this hybrid annuity for three main reasons. First, its optional Return of Premium Death Benefit rider returns to beneficiaries at least what the annuity owner put into the contract if the owner dies prior to starting lifetime income payments. Second, it offers a nursing home waiver where, after the first
contract year, withdrawal charges are waived if the owner becomes confined to a hospital or nursing home for at least 90 days. Third, it includes a terminal illness waiver whereby MetLife will waive the withdrawal charge if the contract owner or the joint owner becomes terminally ill and is not expected to live more than 12 months.


Bonus Gold Fixed Index Annuity

We like this hybrid annuity because of four important features. First, it pays a bonus of 8% of all premiums received in the first contract year (the bonus vests over a 14-year period). Second, it offers a lifetime income benefit rider that allows the owner/annuitant to receive guaranteed income for life without annuitization. Third, there is a death benefit paid to beneficiaries should income not be taken. The death benefit is the full contract value of the annuity and paid in a lump sum with no surrender charges, plus 10% bonus vesting. Finally, it has a nursing care center and a terminal illness rider. Call 1-866-223-2121 or Email AnnuityFYI.


MasterDex X

We like this hybrid annuity because it offers a guaranteed lifetime income benefit (termed the Simple Income Rider), that allows for either a guaranteed income for life to be taken immediately, or deferred to a future date, based on a “roll up” value. This can allow for a reliable, pension-like income stream that cannot be outlived by the recipient (or recipients, if a joint and survivor income option is chosen).


Index Advantage

This hybrid annuity allows policyholders to invest alongside one of three indexes, even though the annuity holders are not directly or indirectly invested in the underlying funds. The insurer uses two index-based strategies for protecting against negative index performance. This annuity also has a relatively short 6-year surrender period.


Structured Capital Strategies

We like this hybrid annuity because it includes a partial protection feature whereby AXA will absorb up to the first 10% – 30% of loss, depending on the index and the duration that is selected. .


Structured Investment Option(SIO)
for EQUI-VEST Tax-Sheltered Variable
Annuity Serires

The SIO offers plan participants the growth potential of the equity markets tied to the S&P 500 Price Return Index, up to a cap, with some downside protection against market losses. Plan participants can invest in one or more investment segments with the SIO. AXA Equitable is the first company in the
industry to offer this type of option in a variable annuity product used to fund 403(b) and 457(b)
retirement savings plans. This product is only available to qualifying employer-sponsored retirement savings plans.


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